We currently have one iCASE studentship left for entry in October 2019. Please contact the project supervisor directly for additional questions. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an in-person interview. If selected for the studentship, awardees will need to submit a university admissions application in order to be formally admitted to the university.

Studentship Application Process

The studentship application is online-based and is comprised of the following:

  1. Studentship Online Application Form
  2. 200-word response to "Why did you choose this programme?"
  3. 400-word general Personal Statement
  4. 200-word description of any research project and your role (if applicable)
  5. CV: Please upload a CV (PDF, max 4MB)
  6. Academic Transcripts (PDF)
  7. Two Reference Letters
  8. BBSRC Demographic Reporting Data

Reference Letters

It is each applicant's responsibility to ensure we receive two reference letters as the application portal will not contact your nominated referees on your behalf. Therefore, please inform your referees that you have applied for the iCASE studentship and to email their reference letters directly to dtp@imperial.ac.uk. (NB If you recently applied to the DTP programme for 2019 entry and believe that we have your letters of reference, please tick the appropriate box on the application form. If we have your reference letters, we will append it to your iCASE application.)