Student studying physical sciences

What will be covered in the Physics stream?

This stream focuses on the physics and mathematics of the central concept in the physical sciences. Through lectures and interactive seminars, you’ll expand your theoretical knowledge and encounter new techniques.

I really enjoyed the chance to hear about different departments, and also seeing the strong link between Imperial’s courses and current research.”"

Apellia, Greece


Led by the Department of Physics, students within the physics stream will be taught a range of concepts central to mathematics and physics to give an understanding of the principles underpinning the discipline, as well as their applications. 

Among others, you will explore topics such as the mathematics of oscillations and object-oriented programming. You will use calculus and Python to generate simulations, and work in groups to create presentations for your peers. 

In previous years, students have learned to look at a problem/physical situation using three different tools: the mathematics of calculus; performing experiments; and simulating the situation using a computer. In 2020, students learned about the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most powerful particle beam experiment in the world, and its mission to explore the fundamental particles and forces of our universe. Students were taught about the success of the standard model in describing these particles along with its problems that led to the postulation and subsequent recent discovery of the Higgs particle. This ultimately enabled them to answer the question... What is the Higgs good for?