The Outreach Postgraduate Ambassador (OPA) scheme provides an opportunity for you to work with local schools to inspire a young audience to consider studying science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business subjects.

Some activities will draw on your subject expertise, giving you the chance to communicate your research in a way that is suitable for a school age audience. Other opportunities may be more generally focused on your experience of higher education through talks about student life for sixth form students or mock interview sessions for potential applicants.

OPA information

Who are you looking for?

Confident postgraduate students and postdocs at Imperial who are enthusiastic about their subject and about their experience at the College.

How much time will it involve?

There is no minimum time commitment. We send regular emails with current opportunities and you can put yourself forward for projects of interest, giving you the flexibility to fit the work around your commitments.

Will I get paid?

The scheme operates on a voluntary basis though you will receive payment to cover your travel costs and any equipment or items required for your demonstrations or talks.

Why take part?

This scheme is an opportunity to:

  • develop your transferable skills (particularly communication, planning and organising and leadership) which are sought after by all kinds of employers
  • gain teaching experience
  • build your confidence in public speaking
  • engage a young audience in your research and inspire them to consider following in your footsteps

Will I receive training?

Yes, all OPAs receive training in communication skills and working with schools.

How can I apply?

Doctoral students who wish join the scheme should attend the three-hour workshop Communicating Research in Schools. This workshop is run by Outreach staff and accredited by the Graduate School and contributes towards your Professional Skills Attendance Requirement. For more information and to register a place at the next workshop please see the Graduate School website.

  • If you have previous experience of working with schools and feel you may not need to attend this training then please contact us to discuss this.
  • If you are a postdoctoral member of staff and would like to register to attend training then please email us for more information.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the scheme, please email