Pilot projectsThe BHF Centre periodically offers funding for pump-priming pilot projects, with the objectives of promoting nascent collaboration and supporting the research leaders of the future. A maximum of £50,000 is offered, over a period of up to two years, with the aim of promoting investigators’ capabilities and competitiveness for external peer-reviewed funding by facilitating exploratory research, hypothesis-generating studies, proof-of-concept demonstrations and the establishment of novel tools or methods. Applicants for these awards must be named members of the BHF Centre, and all proposals are expected to fall under the scope of the BHF Centre’s mission of imaginative cardiovascular research. (Image credit - Dr Declan O'Regan)


Bioinformatic profiling of transcriptomic changes associated with specific conditional knockout of COX-2 in vessels versus the kidney
Investigators: Jane Mitchell, Sarah Butcher, Nicholas Kirkby

Unravelling the importance of mitochondrial DNA content and mutational load in stem cell fate
Investigators: Tristan Rodriguez, Nick Jones. Jorge Ferrer

Designing pulmonary artery-on-a-chip for studies on pulmonary hypertension
Investigators: Beata Wojciak-Stothard, Joshua Edel


Engineering microvascular networks for regenerative medicine using human induced pluripotent stem cells and 3D printing
Investigators: Anna Randi, Peter Weinberg, Gabor Foldes, Sian Harding, Koralia Paschalaki

Training strategies for the development and maintenance of mature structural and electromechanical properties of cardiac muscle patches in vitro
Investigators: Cesare Terracciano, Molly Stevens


Investigators: Ralph Knoell, Darryl Overby, Julia Gorelik

Real-time in vivo optical structural and metabolic characterization of cardiac tissue
Investigators: Alex Lyon, Chris Dunsby, Nick Peters, Paul French

Whole-genome and whole-heart strategies for discovery of quantitative trait loci in adult cardiomyopathies
Investigators: Declan O’Regan, Stuart Cook, Daniel Rueckert

Can sulforaphane pre-treatment reduce systemic inflammatory responses in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery?
Investigators: Paul Evans, Ed Tate, Hazel Jones, Dorian Haskard, Gianni Angelini, Thanos Athanasiou


Development of a modular high-throughput loss-of-function platform for cardiovascular applications
Investigators: Rob Krams, Paul Evans, Tony Cass


Biomarkers for COX-2 expression in vivo: identification of an assay to predict patients at risk of cardiovascular events on NSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors.
Investigators: Jane Mitchell, Jeremy Nicholson

Correlation of mouse aortic arch hemodynamics with endothelial transcription factor expression and activity
Investigators: Ross Ethier, Justin Mason, Peter Weinberg, Willy Gsell

High-throughput screens: quantitative automated analysis and data interrogation
Investigators: Vania Braga, Alessandra Russo, Daniel Rueckert