Department of Bioengineering

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Our research is highly interdisciplinary and involves extensive collaborations with departments from all faculties in the College and leading London hospitals, as well as international universities and research centres. There are seven themes:



We offer opportunities to study at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Find out more about the courses available in the Department:

Sophie Morse

SPOTLIGHT: Student Success

Congratulations to PhD student, Sophie Morse from the NSB Lab group for winning both the Gold Medal for the Engineering Session and the overall prize of the Westminster Medal at STEM4Brit, an annual poster competition held in the Houses of Parliament to support and promote Britain's early-career research scientists and engineers. 


Caption: Darshan Shah a Research Associate from Dr Angela Kedgley's research group


Caption: Professor Jimmy Moore and PhD student Samira Jamalian in the lab

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Caption: Professor Anthony Bull and HRH Prince Harry at the official opening of the RBL Centre for Blast Injury Studies

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Caption: Admiring the cortical and trabecular structure of bone

student project

Caption: Rehabilitation engineering student project demonstrated at project day


Caption: Mr Holloway, academic tutor collects his best lecturer award at a Department celebration.


Caption: PhD student and Paralympic athlete Dave Henson with with running blades