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Kedgley Lab

Caption: Vasiliki Vardakastani, Research Associate in the Biomechanics Lab

e black and white

Caption: Admiring the cortical and trabecular structure of bone

student project

Caption: Rehabilitation engineering student project demonstrated at project day


Caption: The Musculoskeletal Mechanics research team in action in the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies (CBIS).

Professor Anthony Bull welcomes The Duke of Sussex during his visit to Day 1 of the Blast Injury Conference.

Caption: Professor Anthony Bull welcomes The Duke of Sussex during his visit to Day 1 of the Blast Injury Conference 2019.

Demonstration Day

Caption: Second year Engineering Design Project students showcasing their Smart Baby Buggy project at the Bioengineering Demonstration Day.

Prof Jimmy Moore

Caption: Professor James (Jimmy) Moore, The Bagrit & RAEng Chair in Medical Device Design. He researches fluid flow in the vascular and lymph systems of the human body


Caption: UROP project students with Dr Ian Radcliffe, Senior Teaching Fellow.


Caption: Arianna Rech an MRes student, working on her micro-fluidic device.

Bioengineering student looking at robot before race

Caption: MEng Biomedical Engineering students from the Animal Locomotion and Bio-Inspired Robotics module compete in an autonomous robot race. Students use small pixy-cameras and Raspberry Pi computers to build and code an autonomous robot that navigates around a track and avoid obstacles.

Two researchers sat at a lab bench handling equipment

Caption: Researchers in a lab at the newly built Sir Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub (BmE Hub). The Hub will comprise state-of-the-art laboratory and office facilities for the next generation of biomedical engineering research across technology and application themes.