Resources for GTAs

GTA Awards

Every year after the end of Spring term, the students vote for their GTA of the Year. The winner of the Departmental GTA of the Year Award will be nominated for the Faculty of Engineering GTA of the Year Prize.

  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2018 was Julia Sun. 
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2017 was Octave Etard.
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2016 was jointly awarded to Dana Al Sulaiman and Julia Sun. 
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2015 was Antonio Stanziola.
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2014 was Yesna Yildiz.
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2013 was Dr Martina Wicklein. (Also won the Faculty GTA of the Year)
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2012 was  William Abbott.
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2011 was  Andreas Procopiou.
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2010 was  Daniel Schwyn.
  • Departmental GTA of the Year 2009 was Spyridon Masouros.

Other roles for GTAs

GTAs as second markers
Second marking is a means of safeguarding and assuring academic standards by controlling that the first marking by the lecturer has been done correctly, ensuring consistency, accuracy and quality.

The duties of second markers:

  • Following the ‘Protocol for Marking’ by the Quality Assurance Advisory Committee, the following practices for second markers have been established: Duties of Second Markers

GTAs as Invigilators
Invigilators provide essential support in running exams in a controlled way, and in ensuring students are aware of what is expected from them at all times. The most important duty is to watch the examinees, and to keep them from even thinking about committing an exam offence. All of these factors make a big difference in ensuring that the examination process is as fair as possible for all students.

The duties of invigilators:

  • Following the respective Imperial College Academic Regulation document on ‘Duties of Invigilators’, the list below is a version at a glance of this, expanded by procedures based on Departmental needs: Duties of Invigilators_2016 17

GTAs as Moderators
The Department may ask the doctoral students to help out as a moderator on special events such as:

  • Undergraduate Final Year project presentations (usually end of June)
  • MSc project presentations (usually middle of September)

The duties and goals of a moderator are explained more fully in the below document:

Student feedback on GTAs

What students thought of the GTA support in previous years:

"He was also really helpful and really knew his stuff (heat and mass). He gave individual feedback as well that I really appreciated. Thanks for his patient and clear explanations to many concepts. For each session, he introduced the methods on solving problems and not just went through the questions.  He is very enthusiastic and explains well."

"Very high praise for the current Maths group B GTA - brilliant at explaining things, they come out of his group really enthused."

"She is the best person explaining things."

“Simply the best through all I think! With good discussing method!“

"During the Journal Club, I was able to get in touch with state-of-the-art neurotechnology publications and every time I did not understand a method or a concept, she explained it clearly to us. Moreover, she provided feedback to our presentations which was incredibly helpful to keep improving our presentation skills, which are essential to communicate complex Neurotech concepts to scientists and members of public not familiar with the field. With regard to Computational Neuroscience, she helped me in solving some problems during the Matlab sessions too and she was available through email to ask doubts that could appear after the session."