Training session As stated in the Graduate School’s guidance, the Graduate Teaching Assistant will primarily assist and support academic staff or other professional staff members in the delivery of teaching or teaching-related duties to students in a variety of learning environments.  GTA's will work under the supervision of an academic member of staff and will not be directly responsible for teaching, marking assignments, giving feedback, developing online materials and pastoral care.

GTA's are expected to maintain standards of professional ethics appropriate for any member of academic staff.

Further key responsibilities include:
GTA's are expected to attend the necessary training courses and briefings with the module leader. They are expected to follow guidance initiated by the module leader in preparation for teaching. They are also encouraged to proactively initiate interaction with the relevant member of academic staff for the module they are assisting with. 

GTAs are expected to prepare for teaching by acquainting themselves with the core reading and ensuring they have the ability to contextualise and/or summarise the material. On occasion, GTA's may be asked to complete other teaching duties specified by the member of academic staff responsible for those students.

GTA's may be asked to complete one of more types of support, under the supervision with the relevant course leader:

  • Supervise assigned study group 
  • Mentoring/tutoring students on their study skills, progress and pastoral issues
  • Providing feedback to taught students on their performance, progress and/or coursework
  • Assessing coursework by following published assessment criteria
  • Supporting activities during lab demonstrations and practical sessions