Research students are currently permitted to write up their thesis in College for up to twelve months. This is referred to as Completing Research Status (CRS) and incurs a £200 registration fee. You may only enter CRS once you have completed the minimum registration period (24 months for full-time students) and all experimental and programming work. This means that you will not have access to the labs while you are in CRS.

A formal CRS milestone must be completed to confirm that you have completed all substantive research and that, during the CRS period, you will be solely engaged in writing up the thesis. 

If you do not require access to College during your writing up period, you can apply for Writing Up Away from College (WUAC) status. Students on WUAC will not have access to College facilities and may be asked to vacate their desk in the Department.

Some students may be ready to write up before the end of their initial registration period. This is allowed if they have been registered for more than 24 months and the supervisor can confirm that all experimental work has been completed.

NB: Writing up or registration status does not affect your thesis submission deadline, which will always be 4 years from your initial registration or start date.

More information about writing up, including the form to complete and submit to the Student Office, can be found at the Research Degree Completing Research Status webpage.