Following guidance provided by College regarding mitigating circumstances that will be considered by the departmental Mitigating Circumstances Boards, we invite you to submit an application for mitigation circumstances. You can apply if the current situation related to Covid-19 is affecting your ability to prepare for the exams or will affect your ability to perform at exams. A non-exhaustive list of examples is:

  • If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • If you were instructed to self-isolate or undertake a period of quarantine, as a result of UK or any other government advice in the country in which you are currently resident.
  • If you were unable to participate in a timed remote assessment due to unexpected travel arrangements.
  • If you do not have access to the equipment or facilities to prepare for or undertake coursework/a time remote assessment (for example no access to a computer, internet, or specialist software).
  • Where you are undertaking caring responsibilities in your household such as siblings, relatives with illness, or other caring commitments; recognising that it may be difficult to provide evidence of these particular circumstances
  • Where your circumstances affect your ability to prepare for or undertake coursework/a time remote assessment. This may include disturbances in the place you prepare for/take the assessment, internet connection issues, technical issues such as failure of internet connection or devices, an inability to photograph and submit your assessment.
  • Where circumstances related to time-limited remote assessment, such as the timing of the remote assessment for students in particular time zones, affect your ability to undertake a time-limited assessment
  • Where your circumstances related to the conditions in which your preparation for a time-limited remote assessment, such disturbance in the venue impacting performance.
If any of the above mitigating circumstances apply to you, and have affected your preparation for the time-limited remote assessment, we suggest that you submit one single mitigation form at the end of the holidays, before the exams start, detailing how your whole revision period has been affected.

In any of the above or of course usual mitigating circumstances, please follow the standard mitigation procedure. Submit a mitigation claim using the online form.