Meeting regularly to discuss matters of importance on an array of topics, the ‌Department of Bioengineering has a number of working committees‌ including:

  1. The Department Management committee,
  2. The Health and Safety committee,
  3. The Teaching Committee, 
  4. The Postgraduate Committee and
  5. The Equality and Departmental Culture Committee (EDCC)

These committees derive solutions and take actions to ensure that the Department is continuously improving, growing and providing a positive experience for staff and students alike. Below is a list of members belonging to each one. 

In addition to their research and teaching remit academics have supplementary roles, these are detailed in the table below alongside committee responsibilities and Department Leadership.


Department Management Committee

DMC-Terms of Reference

Safety Committee


 Professor Anthony Bull, Chair and Head of Department

• Dr Danny O'Hare, Chemical Safety

• Mr Guy Fairhurst, Buildings Manager

• Mr Steve Greenwood, Faculty Safety Manager 

• Mr Daniel Nardini, Mechanical Safety

• Mr Ken Keating, Department Safety Officer and Laser Safety 

• Ms Kemi Aofolaju, First Aid Coordinator and Secretary 

• Ms Sabrina Skeete, IBME Level 6 Laboratory Safety

• Mr Paschal Egan, Electrical Safety

• Mr Ian Hackford, College Safety Department Representative 

• Mr Nicolas Newell, Tissue Use and Mechanical Safety

Teaching Committee

DTC - Terms of Reference

  • Professor Martyn Boutelle, Chair and Director of Courses

  • Professor Emmanuel M. Drakakis, Senior Tutor

  • Mr Martin Holloway, Academic Tutor

  • Dr Darryl Overby, Director of Postgraduate Studies (Taught)

  • Dr Sylvain Ladame, MEng Molecular Bioengineering lead

  • Dr Danny O'Hare, Intercalated BSc lead

  • Dr Warren Macdonald, Senior Teaching Fellow

  • Ms Louise O'Sullivan, Head of Student Programmes 

  • Mr Miroslav Gasparek, Departmental Student Rep

  • Dr Reiko Tanaka, Examinations Officer

  • Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith, Admissions, Outreach and Engagement Manager

  • Miss Maddi O'Brien, Secretary


Postgraduate Committee





EDCC - Terms of Reference

  • Dr Claudia Clopath, Chair and Academic Representative

  • Dr Guy-Bart Stan, Academic Representative

  • Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith, Professional Services Staff Representative

  • Mr Paschal Egan, Professional Services Staff Representative

  • Mr Nazib Ahmed, Professional Services Staff Representative 

  • Dr Stefaan Verbruggen, Postdoctoral Representative 

  • Dr Yann Sweeney, Postdoctoral Representative 

  • Mr Christian Klemt, PhD Representative

  • Ms Devi Bridglal, PhD Representative

  • Ms Marta Dazzi, PhD Representative 

  • Mr Navidu Samarakkodi, Undergraduate Representative
  • Ms Kate Hobs, Undergraduate Representative

  • Mr Dan Brooke, Postdoctoral Development Centre Representative 

Academic Supplementary Roles




Head of Department Professor Anthony Bull
Deputy Head of Department Professor Martyn Boutelle
Director of Courses Professor Martyn Boutelle
Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) Dr Anil Bharath
Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) Dr Sylvain Ladame
Director of Postgraduate Studies (Taught) Dr Darryl Overby
Academic staff line manager Professor Holger Krapp
Academic staff line manager Professor Peter Weinberg
Co-Director of Research Professor Etienne Burdet
Co-Director of Research Professor James Moore Jr
Co-Director of Research Dr Niamh Nowlan
Co-Director of Research Dr Tobias Reichenbach
Co-Director of Research Dr Guy-Bart Stan
Co-Director of Research Dr Mengxing Tang
Senior Tutor (Taught Courses) Professor Manos Drakakis
Deputy Senior Tutor (Taught Courses) Dr Claire Higgins
Postgraduate Tutor Professor Rob Krams
Director of MRes Bioengineering Dr Armando Del Rio Hernandez
Director of MRes Medical Device Design 
and Entrepreneurship
Professor James Moore Jr
Director of MRes Neurotechnology Dr Paul Chadderton
MEng Biomedical Engineering lead Vacant
MEng Molecular Bioengineering lead Dr Sylvain Ladame
Intercalated Bsc Biomedical Engineering lead Dr Danny O'Hare
MSc Biomedical Engineering stream leads Dr Andrei Kozlov (Neurotechnology)
Dr Rob Dickinson (Medical Physics)
Professor Rob Krams (Biomechanics)
MSc Human and Biological Robotics lead Professor Etienne Burdet
Elected Department Representatives Dr Claudia Clopath
Dr Sylvain Ladame
Dr Tom Ellis
Disability Liaison Advisor Dr Aldo Faisal
Examinations Officer Dr Reiko Tanaka
GTA Officer Dr Rylie Green
Project role: New MSc stream in Trauma/MSk Dr Angela Kedgley
Project role: New BSc Business Ventures Professor James Moore Jr
Chair of Equality and Departmental Culture Committee Dr Claudia Clopath
Postdoc Champion Dr Ben Almquist
PhD Cohort Mentors

Dr Rylie Green
Dr Firat Guder
Dr Angela Kedgley

Dr Claudia Clopath
Dr Danny O'Hare
Dr Andrei Kozlov

Dr Tom Ellis 
Dr Claire Higgins 
Dr Tobias Reichenbach

Dr Holger Krapp
Dr Chiu Fan Lee
Dr Niamh Nowlan

Projects Officer Dr Spyros Masouros
Seminar Coordinator Dr Firat Guder
UG Exchange Programme Coordinator Dr Chiu Fan Lee
Female Academic Network Coordinator Dr Claudia Clopath
City and Guilds College Association Liaison Officer Dr Spyros Masouros