How to apply

Entry onto the PhD Bioengineering requires an undergraduate degree at 2A-level or higher and a master’s degree with merit or higher (or non-UK equivalents) in engineering, any of the physical sciences, mathematics, biological sciences, physiology or medicine.

Please note that some scholarship schemes may have higher requirements.

To apply for the B-DTP, please:

  1. Please identify the preferred research area.
    1. Visit the B-DTP projects, research and academic staff pages of the Bioengineering website.
    2. We encourage applicants to contact supervisors directly (particularly if interested in applying for the President's PhD Scholarship Scheme; 
      details in Funding Opportunities Section).
  2. Make your official application via the Imperial College online application system.
    1. Please include a brief cover letter (called Research Proposal on the online application) to confirm that your application is being made to the Bioengineering DTP.
    2. The cover letter should also mention the preferred research area and/or proposed supervisor. Please see full guidance on our Application Process page.
  3. Your application will be reviewed by a 'scholarship ranking panel' and, if successful, you’ll be invited to interview.
    1. Applicants are encouraged to maintain contact with their proposed supervisor(s) in the meantime.
  4. If your interview is successful
    1. You will be offered a conditional place within the B-DTP, subject to meeting College and Departmental eligibility requirements and obtaining appropriate funding for the duration of the PhD.

Application deadline for 2019 entry is 22 March 2019.

Note: Applicants to the B-DTP may be put forward to College scholarship schemes. Likewise, applications that are more aligned with other existing DTPs or Centres for Doctoral Training in the College may be redirected to them, where appropriate. The Department will notify relevant applicants in either of these cases.

Other funding

As there are a limited number of B-DTP studentships, applicants are encouraged to apply for funding to support their studies, including for scholarships like the prestigious Imperial College President's PhD Scholarship Scheme. Please see the College’s Scholarship webpage for full details on the scheme, including eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Other scholarships available at the College-level can be found using the Scholarships Search Tool and on the International Scholarship Collaborations webpage.

Applicants are also encouraged to explore funding opportunities external to the College, such as those from charities, industry and their government. Further information is available on the Department’s Studentships and Sources of Funding pages.

NB: In some cases, the best funding opportunities will require a separate application to a specific scholarship scheme.

The B-DTP difference

Programme-wise there is no difference between the Bioengineering-Doctorial Training Programme (B-DTP) and the traditional route to achieving a PhD in Bioengineering.

The B-DTP, however, is more cohort-oriented, which means there are College- and Department-wide events that DTP-cohorts must attend in addition to their PhD requirements. They must also start at the same time (the beginning of the new academic year), whereas students on the traditional PhD programme have a choice to start on the first working Mondays of either January, April, July or October.

Another main difference between the two routes comes from the nature of the funding for the B-DTP. Funding for overseas tuition fees cannot be supported by the B-DTP stream, as only Home/EU fees can be covered.