Available Projects

Please see below the sample projects; please contact the associated supervisor(s) for further information and visiting the B-DTP webpage for details on how to apply.

NB: There may be other projects that are of interest to you that do not form part of the B-DTP programme this year. You can find other potential projects by visiting our Research pages or by contacting a member of academic staff in your area of interest. 

Project TitleSupervisor(s)
A synthetic biology approach to engineer microbial communities Dr Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro
At the core of the homunculus: How can we use machine learning as a  way to quantitatively model human skill learning. Dr Aldo Faisal 
Biophysics of mechano-electrical transduction in the inner ear Dr Andrei Kozlov 
Biosensors for cancer diagnosis Dr Danny O’Hare
Dr Sylvain Ladame 
Cancer perfusion and molecular imaging using high resolution contrast enhanced ultrasound Professor Mengxing Tang
Cells on chips: new approaches to cancer biology Dr Danny O’Hare 
Computation of Intracellular Spatiotemporal Dynamics by means of Ultra-Low-Power Microelectronics Professor Manos Drakakis 
Computational modelling of decision making Dr Claudia Clopath 
Computational study of arterial blood flow and disease Professor Peter D Weinberg
Construction of a multi-element ultrasonic surgery device Dr James Choi
Design, engineering, and validation of a microfluidic device for early detection of pancreatic cancer Dr Armando E. del Río Hernández  
Professor Manos Drakakis 

Developing technology to evaluate surgical procedures in the foot and ankle

Dr Angela Kedgley 
Dr Spyros Masouros 

DNA binding rates as a function of sequence

Dr Thomas Ouldridge

Directional mechanosignalling in the endothelium

Dr Christina Warboys
Effect of flow-induced wall shear stress on lymphatic endothelial cells Professor Jimmy Moore
Electroencephalographic (EEG) window into tactile sensing Dr Tobias Reichenbach  
Professor Etienne Burdet 
Engineered DNA aptamers for allosteric inhibition of human Poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 (hPARP-1): a new therapy for prostate cancer Dr Sylvain Ladame 
Professor Tony Cass (Chemistry)
Professor Charlotte Bevan (Surgery and Cancer)
Engineering fast, flexible, precise, and parallel light sculpting for neural circuit elucidation  Dr Amanda Foust
Fetal movements as biomarkers of prenatal brain development  Dr Niamh Nowlan 
Dr Bernhard Kainz (Department of Computing) 
Fluid dynamics of active hair bundles in the inner ear Dr Tobias Reichenbach 
Dr Chiu Fan Lee 
Gaussian processes for analysis of spatial memory in the mouse hippocampus Professor Simon Schultz
Growth Plate Mechanobiology Professor Anthony Bull 
Haptic SLAM prosthetic and humanoid robotic hands Dr Aldo Faisal 
Haptics Mediated Sensorimotor Interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Professor Etienne Burdet 
Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan (Mechanical Engineering)
Dr Chiara Nosarti (King's College London; Psychosis Studies)
How do auditory cortical neurons represent natural stimuli? Characterising stimulus feature selectivity and invariance Dr Andrei Kozlov 
High-throughtput surface tension measurement using optical method Dr Chiu Fan Lee
Hydrogel-based devices for automated recovery of RNA biomarkers from blood Dr Sylvain Ladame
Learning algorithms in deep artificial neural network Dr Claudia Clopath 
Lymph Node Transport Phenomena in Health and Disease Professor Jimmy Moore  
Machine Learning for Surgical Planning Dr Anil Bharath 
Medical Implant: Soft robotic actuator for tracheal intubation Dr Firat Guder 
Miniaturised Electronics for the Multi-Modal Monitoring of the Injured Human Brain Professor Manos Drakakis 
Model predictive control to design optimal treatment regimens for dermatitis. Dr Reiko Tanaka 
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics of the Hand Dr Angela Kedgley 
Nanostructured interfaces for biocompatible biosensors Dr Danny O'Hare 
Neurorehabilitation of the hand function after microsurgery Professor Etienne Burdet 
Dr Angela Kedgley 
Dr Dona Kennedy (Surgery & Cancer)

Non-invasive computed tomography of brain using ultrasound

Professor Mengxing Tang 

Plant on a Chip: Development of a low-cost and simple growth environment for plants Dr Firat Guder 
Recapitulating skeletogenesis in vitro: biomechanics and mechanobiology of cartilage and bone development Dr Niamh Nowlan 
Soft-robotics and neural interfaces for fine grained hand control  Dr Aldo Faisal
Statistical testing of orthopaedic implant design using shape models Professor Anthony Bull
The Multiphase Nature of Microscale Blood Flow Dr Joseph Sherwood
Tracking axons with generative adversarial imitation learning Dr Anil Bharath
Two photon imaging of neuronal cell assemblies during behaviour Professor Simon Schultz 
Understanding the biomechanics of pancreatic cancer – a turning point for treatment Dr Armando E. del Río Hernández 
Virtual Reality based Neurofeedback using EEG-fNIRS sensordata fusion Dr Aldo Faisal 
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