Engagement with research


September: Science Museum Lates (Biological Electronics)- Dr Rylie Green

September: Soapbox Science- Dr Niamh Nowlan

July: Science Museum Lates (Wounded)- Dr Ben Almquist and Dr Emily Mayhew

June: London Transport Muesum Lates for International Women in Engineering Day- Dr Claudia Clopath, Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith, Ophelia Johnson, Victoria Vigil Hernandez, Rocio Martinez, Vivien Sotiriou 

June: Annual Bioengineering Lecture- Professor Sangeeta Bhatia, MIT

June: IMechE Prestige Lecture- Professor Anthony Bull

May: Pint of Science- Dr Niamh Nowlan, Professor Jimmy Moore, Dr Rylie Green

May: CNN-McLaren Bioengineering Future filming- Dr Aldo Faisal

May: Imperial Festival-  CDT Fluidics (Dr Chiu Fan Lee), CDT Neurotechnology, Sports Innovation Challenge (Dr Ian Radcliffe and UG bioengineers), CBIS, Robot Zone (Prof Etienne Burdet, Dr Aldo Faisal, Prof Holger Krapp), Dr Mengxing Tang, Dr Angela Kedgley, Dr Niamh Nowlan, MicroSonix (Co-founded by Graham Peyton and Hamid Soleimani), Synthetic Biology Hub, and public talk by Professor Dario Farina. 

April: Three Minute Thesis- Alice Spenlehauer and Christian Klemt

March: Imperial Fringe event in White City- Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith, Dr Ian Radcliffe and Nuno Caldeira Gaio Pereira

March: Friends of Imperial behind the scenes event- Dr Angela Kedgley, Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith, Sam Smith, Dr Thuy-Tien (Luz) Ngoc Nguyen

March: SET for Britain- Mara Pop


September: New Scientist Live- iGEM team, Professor Holger Krapp, Dr Aldo Faisal

September: Nesta Future Fest- Dr Ian Radcliffe and Cybathlon team

August: Science Museum Antenna Live- SDr Ian Radcliffe and UG student involved in Sports Innovation Challenge

June: International Women in Engineering day- hands-on demonstrations by Professor Martyn Boutelle's research group 

May: Pint of Science- Dr James Choi and Dr Angela Kedgley

May: Imperial Festival- Dr Armando del Rio Hernandez, Professor Peter Weinberg, CDT Neurotechnology, Cybathlon team, Dr Reiko Tanaka, Bishop Gilpin Primary school with Dr Andrei Koslov, CBIS including public talk,  Robot Zone (Professor Etienne Burdet, Dr Aldo Faisal and Professor Holger Krapp), Dr Michelle Rogers in Level up Human podcast, Synthetic Biology Hub and Sports Innovation workshop in collaboration with the Advanced Hackspace. 

April: Edinburgh Science Festival- BPS event on future of medicine prescibing Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith

March: SETforBritain- Dana Al Sulaiman and Dr Stefaan Verbruggan


May: Pint of Science- Dr Claudia Clopath, Dr Claire Higgins, Dr Ben Almquist

May: Imperial Festival- Engineering Playground (Dr Ian Radcliffe, Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith in collaboration with the Advcanced Hackspace), Brain Zone (CDT Neurotechnology), Robot Zone (Professor Etienne Burdet, Dr Aldo Faisal and Professor Holger Krapp), Seeing with Sound (Dr Mengxing Tang, Virginie Papadopoulou), Blood Mechanics (Dr Eleni Bazgou, Professor Kim Parker), Musculoskeletal Visualiser (Dr Claire Donoghue, Dr Maria Braidi and 4th year undergraduate Justas)

March: Women at Imperial launch Fringe event- curated by Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith  

February: Imperial Fringe (Animal Research)- Dr Martina Wicklein

January: Science Museum Lates (Engineering)- Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith, Dr Michelle Rogers, Dr Agnes Leong, and Dr Ian Radcliffe



December: Imperial Fringe (Festive Fluidics)- Dr Michelle Rogers, Dr Agnes Leong and Sally Gowers

November: CBIS Battle to Blighty- Reflecting on the past, present and future of trauma research and care in a commemoration of the First World War Centenary. The poignant narrative, Battle to Blighty, was written by Major Taff Edwards and Dr Emily Mayhew, directed by Hannah Eidinow (London and New York theatre director) and starred Alan Cox (London based Hollywood actor).

August: Faculti Media video (transciptional control)- Dr Guy-Bart Stan

July: TWIG educational videos- Professor Colin Caro, Dr Martina Wicklein  

June: BBC news (exoskeletons)- Professor Etienne Burdet

June: Cheltenham Science Festival (How to build a bionic man)- Dr Dominic Southgate

June: Bagrit Lecture- Professor George Whitesides, Harvard

June: #PeoplesQs for Universities Week- Professor James E. Moore Jr

May: Pint of Science- Dr Emily Mayhew, Daffyd Edwards and Ed Spurrier

May: Imperial Festival- inaugural Robot Zone (Professor Etienne Burdet, Dr Aldo Faisal, Dr Holger Krapp), Talkaoke (Ben reeve, Catherine Ainsworth, Dr Joseph Sherwood, Dr Kaiya Zhang, Dr Spyros Masouros and Dr james Choi),  CBIS and Sports Innovation Challenge. 

April: Inaugural Lecture- Professor Etienne Burdet

February: Lipodema Research Documentary- Professor James E. Moore Jr

February: Imperial Fringe (Arts Experiment)- Dr Tobias Reichenbach

January: BBC Bangs goes the Theory (Big Data)- Professor Martyn Boutelle and Dr Michelle Rogers (broadcast March)