Affiliated personnel

Prof. Robert Glen

Prof. Robert Glen Chair in Computational Medicine, Computational and Systems Medicine, Dept. of Surgey and Cancer

Prof. Mike Sternberg

Prof. Mike Sternberg Director, Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Former staff

Former staff

Dr. Sarah Butcher Director of the BDSG until 2018
Dr. James Abbott Senior Research Officer and Systems Administrator, left 2018
Mr. Filippo Mortari Filippo developed web-based data-management systems, including the dHCP project between 2014-2015
Mark Woodbridge Mark worked as a software developer on data management and integration projects for CISBIC and the BSS from 2008-2014
 Mr. Arshad Khan Arshad ran our helpdesk and training programme from 2009-2013
 Mr. Ioannis Filippis Ionnis worked on the EU-SOL Tomato genome project, with Dr. Gerard Bishop
 Dr. Tim Burgis Tim worked on the Blumeria graminis sequencing project with Dr. Pietro Spanu
 Dr. Dariusz Kedra  Dariusz ran our help desk for nearly 3 years to 2008 
 Dr. Daniel Buchan Daniel worked on the annotation of Tomato Chromosome 4 as part of the Tomato Genome Sequencing Project, under the supervision of Dr. Gerard Bishop. 
 Dr. Gail Bartlett Gail ran our help desk for 2 years to 2006
 Dr. Nadia Anwar Nadia started with us when the BSS was created in 2002. She ran the help desk for our first year
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