Core Bioinformatics

We maintained a range of bioinformatics software

Microscopy Software

Microscopy packages are primarily hosted on behalf of the Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy (FILM).

  • OMERO - storage, visualisation and analysis of microscopy images
  • Definiens - Advanced image analysis
  • Huygens - Deconvolution of widefield, confocal and multiphoton data
  • ZEN - Zeiss superresolution image analysis software 

Commercial Software

We hold licenses for a number of commercial analysis packages

  • Partek Genomic Suite
  • Agilent Genespring
  • Ingenuity Pathways

Hosted Software

The BDSG also hosts software resources developed by other College members

  • Metassimulo - Metabolomic analysis software
  • Metaserver - MHC class I epitope prediction program 
  • k-SLAM - ultrafast metagenomic analysis