1. Users agree to abide by all standard rules of computer use - including no account sharing.
  2. Users agree to take reasonable precautions to keep their account and password secure.
  3. Users agree to abide by the College IT Conditions of Use which are available in detail from the ISS policies page and WILL NOT store identifiable clinical or personal information covered by the 1998 Data protection Act. If in doubt please contact us for more information.
  4. Users agree that it is their responsibility to ensure that any data they analyse or store on BSS systems that falls under the College Policy on the use of Animals is  appropriately covered in the annual declaration returns of the originating project leader (PI). 
  5. Users agree not to use the resources provided by the Bioinformatics Data Science Group for commercial purposes. Some exceptions on per-case basis may be possible, subject to licensing constraints for specific software. Appropriate agreements should be in place before use. If in doubt, please get in touch for clarification.
  6. Users agree to correctly cite and reference all software and databases and to acknowledge use of the Bioinformatics Data Science Group in all publications. If you are unsure of how to cite particular software, please get in touch.
  7. Users agree to allow Bioinformatics Data Science Group Staff confidential access to their data files where necessary to allow maintenance and correct running of our servers and storage or to answer specific queries generated by the user.
  8. Users agree to promptly inform the Bioinformatics Data Science Group of any changes to their college contact details or college status. In particular, we require one month’s written notice (email) when a user is leaving college, to allow us to discuss options for archiving data/your account.