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AB - Velostat is a low-cost, low-profile electrical bagging material with piezoresistive properties, making it an attractive option for in-socket pressure sensing. The focus of this research was to explore the suitability of a Velostat-based system for providing real-time socket pressure profiles. The prototype system performance was explored through a series of bench tests to determine properties including accuracy, repeatability and hysteresis responses, and through participant testing with a single subject. The fabricated sensors demonstrated mean accuracy errors of 110 kPa and significant cyclical and thermal drift effects of up to 0.00715 V/cycle and leading to up to a 67% difference in voltage range respectively. Despite these errors the system was able to capture data within a prosthetic socket, aligning to expected contact and loading patterns for the socket and amputation type. Distinct pressure maps were obtained for standing and walking tasks displaying loading patterns indicative of posture and gait phase. The system demonstrated utility for assessing contact and movement patterns within a prosthetic socket, potentially useful for improvement of socket fit, in a low cost, low profile and adaptable format. However, Velostat requires significant improvement in its electrical properties before proving suitable for accurate pressure measurement tools in lower limb prosthetics.
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