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Group Photo Sept 2021

Post-doctoral Associates

  • Dr. Sami Gesslbauer


    Personal details

    Dr. Sami Gesslbauer Industrial Postdoc


    Sami received his MChem from the University of Edinburgh and subsequently pursued a PhD in the Romain group. In collaboration with Polymateria Ltd., he now investigates biodegradable alternatives to commercial plastics.

Ph. D. Students

  • Ahmad Aljaber


    Personal details

    Ahmad Aljaber 4th Year PhD student


    Ahmad has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. He completed his MRes in Catalysis at Imperial College London and now pursuing his Ph.D. in the synthesis and characterization of polyethylene additives.

  • Molly Parry


    Personal details

    Molly Parry 1st Year PhD Student


    Molly received her MChem from the University of Edinburgh, with a year abroad at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She is currently undertaking a PhD in photocatalytic polymer degradation, also supervised by Dr Maxie Roessler.

  • Jiakai Huang


    Personal details

    Jiakai Huang 1st Year PhD Student


    Jiakai received his BSc in Chemistry in University of Sheffiled and MRes in Catalyst in Imperial College London, He is currently undertaking a Phd in developing end-functionalised polymeric material with catalytic properties.

M. Sci./MRes Students

  • Ellie Morgan


    Personal details

    Ellie Morgan MSci Student


    Ellie is a final year MSci student looking at the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide and ethylene to acrylic acid. She hopes to travel to Melbourne in January for a semester abroad. 

  • Shanshan Li


    Personal details

    Shanshan Li MSci Student


    Shanshan is currently a 4th year MSci student, undertaking a project focusing on the utilisation of levoglovosenone.

B. Sc. Students

Past Group Members
NameResearch LevelCurrent position
Dr. Clément Lesage Postdoctoral Research Associate CEA (French Alternaticve Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)
Dr. Atanas Tomov Postdoctoral Research Associate Chemistry Laboratories Manager, Queen Mary University of London
Dr. Tian Sang Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr. Panagiotis Bexis Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr. Charles Romain Postdoctoral Research Associate Imperial College London
Dr. James Nobbs Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr. Chris Conifer Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr. Paul Corbett Postdoctoral Research Associate  Royal Dutch Shell plc
Dr. Charles Vriamont  Postdoctoral Research Associate  ABX
Dr. Shlomi Elias Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Dr. Philip Mallender Postdoctoral Research Associate  GE Healthcare
Dr. Rafael de Rosales Postdoctoral Research Associate  King´s College London
Dr. Dom Pye Postdoctoral Research Associate Imperial College London
Dr. Sarah Ho Ph.D Student Polymateria Ltd.
Dr. Richard von Goetze Ph.D Student ALBA Recycling GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Dillon Tay Ph.D. Student A*Star, Singapore
Dr. Sara Sharuddin Ph.D. Student Petronas Ltd.
Dr. Craig Young Ph.D. Student  Nomura International Plc
Dr. Matthew Morton Ph.D. Student   Mathys & Squire LLP, London, UK
Dr. Maria Gragert Ph.D. Student  Meyer Burger AG, Thun, Switzerland
Dr. Michaela Grau Ph.D. Student   BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Dr. Allan Petersen Ph.D. Student  DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr. Ian German Ph.D. Student   Gnosys Global Ltd., Guildford, UK
Dr. James Nobbs Ph.D. Student  ICES (A*Star), Singapore
Dr. Chris Conifer Ph.D. Student   Shell, Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Timur Coskun Ph.D. Student  
Dr. Chris Whiteoak Ph.D. Student   Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
Dr. Russel Taylor Ph.D. Student  Durham University, UK
Dr. Juri Ugolotti Ph.D. Student  RCPTM, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Dr. Jason England  Ph.D. Student   NTU, Singapore
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