The Campus Services team aims to provide the best possible service and experience for our staff and student community, through everything from catering outlets and hospitality services, to sports facilities, student accommodation, the Student Hub, and Early Years provision.

These services operate at a loss – they are subsidised by millions of pounds a year – as part of the College’s investment in a high quality staff and student experience.

Some changes to these services are being introduced where reinvestment can demonstrably be made to the wider benefit of the community, against a minimal impact on staff and students. The changes are detailed below.

Our core considerations when reviewing our services have been:

  • How widely used is this particular service? How can we benefit the greatest number of people overall?
  • Are there alternative facilities to help fill demand?
  • What will be the impact on our staff, student and visitor community?
  • How cost effective is it?
  • How can we make savings while seeking to keep prices cheaper than the high street?

Imperial has excellent services but these cost money – in recent years we have invested in the opening of the College Café in 2013 (£1m), and the renovation of h-bar in 2014 (£4m).

We will be reviewing the impact of all the changes very carefully over the coming year and appreciate your patience as they are rolled out.

Below are details of the main changes: 

Campus Services changes

College catering

  • We will continue to provide breakfast options on campus in the café area in the Senior Common Room (SCR) and the College Café from 8.00 and in the Library Café from 8.30, but from 1 August we will no longer be providing breakfast for staff and postgraduate students in the SCR Restaurant. Please note that the SCR Restaurant will however be providing cooked breakfast for guests staying in our student accommodation over the summer, as is usual as part of the B&B scheme regularly and very successfully operated by the College every year.
  • The salad bar in the SCR Restaurant will be limited to side salads to accompany main meals. This will help alleviate congestion and enable a faster till service. A full range of salads will continue to be provided at Fuel in the Junior Common Room.
  • A high quality menu will continue to be provided in all our outlets, but to do so more efficiently we will be standardising the menu between the SCR Restaurant and the Queen’s Tower Rooms and focusing on a smaller range of options. Four main meal options will be provided in the SCR and six in the Queen’s Tower Rooms, both including a vegetarian option.
  • Currently a lot of food is thrown away. We will be reasserting existing guidelines to control the portion sizes of meals to reduce the amount of food waste and to better reflect the portion cost.
  • We have reduced the opening hours (term-time and vacation) for several catering outlets at times when demand is lowest. These changes have already taken place, and the revised hours for the affected outlets are as follows: 


Outside term time

During term time

SCR Café

Previously: 8.00-19.00

Previously: 8.00-19.00

SAF Café

Previously: 8.30-16.00

Previously: 8.30-17.30


Previously: 11.00-14.30

Previously: 11.00-14.30

JCR – QT Shop

Previously: 8.00-16.00

Previously: 8:00-18.00

JCR – Deli

Previously: 11.00-14.30

Previously: 11.00-14.30


  • Eastside will remain open until 23.00 on Fridays but will close at 21.00 Monday to Thursday, when the demand is much lower. An alternative option is h-bar, which will continue to stay open until 23.00 on weekdays.
  • Eastside will have a pizza-only menu post-lunchtime up until 20.00, as it is our most popular evening menu option. Eastside will continue to provide the current wide range of options at lunchtimes and will offer pre-booked sharing platters for social events on Friday evenings. 


  • Ethos will close earlier during summer, Christmas and Easter vacations.
  • Following a survey of centre users, the revised hours have been changed to reflect user preferences. The new hours, which will be in place from 17 July, are as follows:


Outside term time

During term time







New outlets

  • A new Japanese food outlet from Tanpopo, producing fresh sushi and a range of katsu curries, will be replacing F-EAST in the JCR.