Why are you making these cuts to services - is it just to make money?

The services provided by Campus Services operate at a loss - they are subsidised by millions of pounds a year - as part of the College's investments in appropriate and value-for-money staff and student experience.

The changes are being made to enable reinvestment elsewhere as part of our continuing commitment to an excellent student and staff experience.

Changes are only being made where reinvestment can demonstrably be made to the wider benefit of the community, against a minimal impact on staff and students. 

Why haven't you consulted on changes? 

A lot of the changes involved operational considerations from within Campus Services, including how changes will impact on service across all of our activities and campuses. it wasn't possible to meaningfully consult on all of those changes but our key crieria as we have planned them have been the impact on staff and student users. Where possible we are trying to highlight changes as early as possible, and we will be reviewing the impact of all the changes very carefully over the coming year. 

The SCR Restaurant is serving cooked breakfasts to guests - why isn't this available to staff? 

Over the summer vacation period, Imperial uses student accommodation (which would otherwise be empty) to offer B&B accommodation, available to the general public. This is one of the biggest generators of unfettered income for the College, enabling us to continue investing in the student and staff experience. 

Cooked breakfasts will be available to these guests throughout this period (3 July to 24 September) as is usual as part of this B&B scheme regularly and very successfully operated by the College every year. The growing volumes of B&B guests means the SCR breakfast operation has reached its maximum output during the summer periods. Our tilles will only be processing transactions with B&B vouchers - there will be no cash, card or contactless payments available. 

How can I offer feedback on the changes? 

Feedback on catering changes can be shared via an online form and feedback on the changes to Ethos can be shared via email