Funding and support

The CRUK Imperial Centre supports the development of cancer researchers at Imperial through three different funding routes. We offer seed funding to new multidisciplinary cancer research projects, and fund multidisciplinary PhD studentships and clinical research training fellowships.

Research facilitation

The CRUK Imperial Centre facilitates cancer research across the entire length of the research lifecycle, from guidance around study design, specialised technology and resources access, and clinical trials support.

Pre-Clinical research

There are a number of pre-clinical models used in cancer research. Do you have a novel technology that needs proof of principle testing?

If you would like to discuss access to models or support for experimental design, please contact Dr Mark Gurden (

Tere are a number of resources to support research at the clinical interface including:

  • Imperial Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC)
  • Imperial Tissue Bank
  • Imperial Cancer Biomarker Resource Centre (ICBRC) Statistical Support Access
  • ICBRC Laboratory Support Acces

Please contact Naina Patel ( more information.

Clinical trials

The Cancer Clinical Trials Section (CCTS) enables trials that include new and exciting imaging modalities, translational research initiatives and innovative study designs as they evolve.

Please contact Mr Philip Badman ( more information.