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Vikki Sood, Careers ConsultantFrom time to time we promote surveys from various organisations, that seek to identify patterns of job seeking behaviours amongst graduates. When we contact Imperial students, we include a link to this page with every email request for careers information, advice and guidance to encourage those using the Service to provide feedback.

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How we respond to your comments

Thanks to all of your invaluable feedback we have been able to make significant changes to improve the services that we offer. The information below represents an analysis of recent stakeholder Feedback taken (from student, alumni, employer, academic) on our services, and the action we have taken as a result.

We are listening

‘I prefer a different format for the weekly newsletter, I don’t like having an attached pdf’

Starting in Autumn 2018, we are reconfiguring the newsletter into the body of the email.  This way you get the information straight to your inbox without having to deal with downloading pdf documents.

‘I would like the option to have my CV reviewed online, rather than in a personal appointment’

We will be launching a new online CV review platform in Autumn 2018.  Each CV submitted will be reviewed by one of our experienced Careers Consultants in a timely manner.  We hope this will be especially convenient for those who attend courses at a location other than South Kensington or have multiple obligations on top of their coursework.

‘Your Careers Service library is a good idea, but I’ve noticed it is pretty out-dated and the content is limited’

We are currently working closely with our Careers Advisors to revise the information in our Career Service library.  Not only are we updating any out-dated information, but we are also adding more focused information and some new content.  Additionally, we will be adding more of our library to the website, so that you can access this useful content from anywhere. 

‘There are limited appointment slots which are very often fully booked’

Careers consultant services in the Autumn term are always in very high demand.  The Careers Service team have recruited more consultants over the Spring and Summer terms so that the number of available appointment increase significantly from the 2017-18 academic year.  Appointments are still likely to book out quickly, but the number of students seen will increase.

Additionally, the Careers Service is launching an online CV review service.  This should ease some of the congestion in appointment bookings, as CV checks are quite popular amongst students.