Due to COVID-19 all teaching activities have been moved online until the end of the summer term and all non-essential staff are working from home. See Imperial College London and COVID-19 for further details. During this time the Careers Service remains open but in an online format to provide a wide range of opportunities for employers to engage with our students in a virtual environment until the threat of COVID-19 passes.

We look forward to working with you during these unprecedented times. We’ve collated some FAQs below but please do reach out to us via careers@imperial.ac.uk with any questions or if you wish to discuss recruitment activities with one of our team. We’ll update this page with further information as the COVID-19 situation and response unfolds.

This page is updated regularly

FAQs received during COVID-19:

Can we deliver a company presentation during COVID-19?

Yes. We can arrange for you to deliver online presentations using Microsoft Teams or we can direct students to a platform of your choice. Please contact careersevents@imperial.ac.uk for further details and associated costs.

Can we run one to one information sessions or Mock Interviews with students during COVID-19?

Yes. We can arrange access for you to run one to one meetings with students using Microsoft Teams or connect you with students using an alternative platform of your choice. Please contact careersevents@imperial.ac.uk for further details and associated costs.

Can we advertise vacancies during COVID-19?

Yes. Our online platform JobsLive is fully operational and free to use for advertising vacancies to our students. Please see our Advertising Opportunities webpage for more information.

Will the Events Programme go ahead?

Imperial College London has announced that, in order to prioritise the safety of its staff, students, and visitors, it will focus on delivering a multi-mode approach for the academic year 2020-2021, bringing together on-campus and online teaching and assessment.

The Careers Service has worked on developing a wide range of opportunities to enable you to continue to engage with, and attract, our students to your organisation during this academic year and beyond. Our offering will be entirely online, from online fairs, to webinars. You can see all of these on our dedicated employer pages.

What’s happening with Placements & Internships?

Where possible we’d encourage placements and internships to continue as planned with a move to remote working if applicable. We’re creating resources for students to help them work effectively from home and answer their questions during COVID-19. If you have information or advice to assist please contact internship.unit@imperial.ac.uk.

What’s happening with exams and graduation?

The College plans to operate online exams so students can complete their studies on the planned timeframe and graduate as expected. Further information can be found on the central College COVID-19 webpage.