Observing a professional in the workplace can help Imperial students to understand and gain an insight in to a job role and organisation. Work shadowing aims to offer a rich experience while not demanding a great deal of time from the host. The shadowing day (or days) aims to provide an insight in to the work environment rather than to hands on experience. By spending time in a workplace our students experience the realities of a professional environment within a certain industry and will have the opportunity to question and learn from professionals to help inform their career plans.work shadowing

Why work shadow?

Work Shadowing provides a unique opportunity to work with our students while helping to shape their career plans. It will enable you to:

  • Connect with some of the brightest young people studying in the UK
  • Develop employees by giving them responsibility of being shadowed
  • Network with potential future talent
  • Build a relationship with Imperial College London

Who can work shadow?

We are seeking applications from host organisations in all employment sectors as we have a diverse range of students interested in careers as wide ranging as Actuary to Zoology. If you are an alumnus, parent, business connection or other friend of Imperial College London you can indicate if you are willing to host a student (or students) at your place of work.

When will work shadowing take place?

Our work shadowing programme will take place in two rounds during the academic year 2016-17. Between the dates below we ask that you are able to host a student (or students) for a period of time (usually one or two days). The exact date/time of the work shadowing opportunity will be negotiated between you and your student once a match has occurred.

  • Round One – Spring, 27 March – 28 April 2017
    Host applications deadline 16 December 2016
  • Round Two – Summer, 3 July – 29 September 2017
    Host applications deadline 31 March

How much does it cost?

Work shadowing has no cost for the host organisation. Due to the nature of the opportunity there are no salary costs and where applicable the Careers Service will cover reasonable travel costs and expenses.

However, you will need to have relevant insurance and provide a health and safety induction like you would for any other visitor to your premises.

How to apply?

Applications should be submitted via a Work Shadowing host application form. You will need to provide details of your potential opportunities and industry sector which will be used to match you with a student.

Please note that multiple applications from the same organisation will require a separate application for each individual.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Work Shadowing.