Careers Service
The Careers Service provides a varied and comprehensive careers guidance, information and vacancy service for all current students and recent alumni of Imperial. We run a programme of events throughout the year to help with your career planning and that give you the opportunity to meet recruiters and organisations who target Imperial students such as you. Full details of all careers events can be found on the Our Services section of the website with a brief highlight of these below: 

Careers events at Imperial

Seminars and workshops

We run a range of interactive sessions designed to cover all areas of the application and selection process for internships and graduate employment. These are a fantastic way to build a strong foundation in developing skills that will help to ensure your success. You can attend any of our events during your first year but you may want to focus on sessions covering how to write CVs and seek internships.

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Careers Fairs

Each year we host several campus Careers Fairs that give you the opportunity to meet recruiters and discuss their internship and graduate programmes. Attending these events will enable you to make informed decisions and establish some useful contacts too.

Full listing of Careers Fairs.

Employer presentations

Many employers deliver presentations both here on campus and at their own premises. These presentations are designed to give you information about their business and their opportunities. They’re also a great way to gain an insight to the culture of the organisation and get tips on how to perform well during the application process. Try setting yourself a target of attending at least one presentation during your first year. 

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Individual advice & guidance

Our team offer confidential one-to-one support about any issue relating to your career future. We offer a range of appointments throughout the year. To get the most from your appointment we strongly recommend you to use our online resources and series of events first so that you’re reasonably prepared to hold an informed discussion with our team.