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Here you will find some key sources of employer information and tips on how to research a company.

It is useful to find out about company history, financial stability, products and services, personnel, competitors and company culture. Being armed with well-researched information can give you the edge over the competition and you will be able to interact with the interviewers and answer questions with authority.

The information below can also be quickly downloaded in our Researching Companies‌ handout. 


How to research companies


You can search the Careers Service employer database in JobsLive. There are hundreds of employers listed, and advertising jobs with the Careers Service. You can search by sector, location, etc. 

The official company website of every employer will also be listed. Exploring their own website can be useful for learning about the company's aims for the future, the development opportunities available, and more about their products or services.

In order to get the most out of the JobsLive system it is important to set up your profile. This includes entering your contact details, what sort of work you are interested in, and specifying your email preferences to ensure that you are alerted when we receive job vacancies that match your requirements. You can also receive details of career events, such as company presentations and careers fairs, which can help you find out more about employers. 

Company information

The Careers Service Information Room has an ever-growing company information section that contains:

  • Employer interview feedback forms - first-hand experiences of Imperial students from a wide range of employer interviews (also available online here)
  • Employer visit reports - visits to various employers by members of the Careers Service, including information on recruitment and application & selection processes
  • Company promotional literature - including brochures, annual reports and in-house magazines

If you are looking for information on a particular employer, please check our index:





There are a range of useful key online business resources that can be accessed via the Imperial College Library website. These databases will help you access a range of information, including company histories, descriptions of major products and services, SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), and brief biographies of high level staff.

  • EBSCOhost Business Source Ultimate - use this to search for company information profiles (by Datamonitor), country reports, industry profiles and market research
  • AMADEUS - financial information on companies and key contact details
  • FACTIVA - comprehensive site for quick company information searching. Under 'company quick search' you can get basic information on the company, press reports, and list of competitors
  • FAME - a source of balance sheets and financial reports for UK and Irish companies

The Library catalogue can also be used to find market research reports can provide you with a good idea of a company's status in its industry and an insight into the challenges it faces. The most well known sources are:

  • MINTEL - reports from the UK retail, leisure and market intelligence series
  • Business Insights - interactive reports on specific industries from Reuters global reports portfolio, covering energy, consumer goods, finance, healthcare and technology

Press coverage can also be useful - in particular the Financial Times, which contains a five year archive of news and comment, as well as breaking stories around the world. FACTIVA, which is updated on a daily basis, also has access to over 10,000 news and business publications worldwide, including broadsheet newspapers, Business 2.0 and MIT Technology Review. It contains industry and regional publications.

Careers Service resources

The following resources are available via the Careers Service:

  • Ask an Alum - a database of Imperial alumni who are willing to answer your career related questions
  • Careers events - a vast number of on-campus events which take place during the autumn and spring terms, including employer presentations, careers fairs, forums, talks and workshops 
  • GoinGlobal - subscription to country specific careers information and job vacancies
  • Listen to careers events and see presentations - a chance to catch up on careers events that you may have missed, or want to hear again
  • Publications - we have a number of publications that are FREE to collect from the Careers Service, including The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers and The Guardian UK 300. Both of these employer directories have comprehensive lists of companies that recruit graduates, and they are delivered at the start of the autumn term each year. We also stock TargetJobs and Inside Careers guides, plus many more
  • A Quick Guide to Networking - helping you to connect with professionals in your field of interest to find out more about that sector/company. See also our Networking‌ handout
  • Twitter - follow us for regular updates on upcoming events and resources as soon as they open or are available
  • WetFeet - subscription to a series of highly credible, no-holds-barred Insider Guides
  • What do Imperial graduates do? - we investigate what all Imperial graduates have moved on to six months after graduation in the annual Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey. This includes case studies of Imperial students

Other sources

Other good sources of information include:

  • BBC News - impartial provider of world business, science, politics and technology news
  • Businessweek - international world and business news website run by Bloomberg
  • City Business Library - the only public library (based in Central London) for business information offering free access to the UK's most comprehensive collection of business databases and publications, including general start up advice, information on market research, plus national and international coverage for statistics, company data and business news
  • The Economist - website of international business magazine providing business, science and technology news
  • Financial Times (FT) - contains a five year archive of FT news and comment as well as breaking stories in the business world
  • The Guardian - website of national British newspaper containing information on world business, science and technology news
  • LinkedIn - a social network for professionals interested in job opportunities and networking.
  • Prospects - comprehensive list of companies that recruit graduates, including information on company size, numbers recruited and business activities
  • Reuters - international business news website
  • - providing an up-to-date ‘snapshot’ of many of the largest companies as well as forums used by both current and prospective employees of specified companies for frank and honest discussion (as objective an opinion as you are likely to get on a potential recruiter!) Note: there may be a charge for certain information

Working abroad

As well as looking at the working abroad section of our website, it is also worth consulting the following if you are looking for information about companies outside of the UK: