Aeronautical Engineering student

Your degree can lead to many careers; some require the specific academic and technical knowledge developed from your studies while others will utilise the wider transferable skills you’ll have developed.

We’ve put together the below resources to help you identify and understand the opportunities available to you and to inspire your career thinking with hints, tips and resources.

What can you do with Aeronautical Engineering?

  • See what Imperial graduates do for an insight into what other Aeronautical Engineering graduates have done. 
  • Have a look at our Careers resources for Aeronautical Engineering [pdf] - useful resources to help you think about career options, sources of job vacancies, and furhter career options. 
  • Research Careers, occupations and job sectors - finding out more about different careers will help you decide whether they are appropriate options for you. A thorough understanding of your chosen career will also mean that you will be in a better position to work out what you need to do next to take your ideas forward.

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