Whether or not you are looking to enter the not for profit sector, employers are always looking for transferable skills, and volunteering is a great way to build these, particularly team work and communication. So you can boost your CV whilst having fun and making a difference in the wider community. There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities, so whatever skills and experience you already have, there is likely to be something which you can do.

You can volunteer for a few hours a week or you may decide to undertake a longer period of voluntary work during your vacations or after you graduate. It is possible to volunteer for projects in the UK or combine an interest in travelling and volunteering by working in another country.

Volunteering in the Community                    

Through Community Connections there are lots of ways to get stuck into volunteering in the local community. Whatever you study or the year you are in, whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, if you have a couple of days to spare each month or just a few hours, if you want to volunteer by yourself or participate in a mass volunteer event, there’s a volunteering opportunity to suit everyone’s interests and timetables.

UK or abroad

Volunteering in the UK

Some opportunities to volunteer in the UK include Volunteering Matters, the UK's largest volunteering and training organisation, The National Council for Voluntary Organisations, which has details of your local volunteer centre and Do-it.org where you can search for opportunities and apply online.

Volunteering abroad

The ‘Taking a Year Out' section of our website has further details on opportunities to volunteer aboard. There are organisations such as BunacRaleighFrontier and the International Citizen's Service which will arrange opportunities to volunteer for a variety of projects. Most will charge a fee to cover costs, so ensure that you research the company thoroughly before payment.

How do I sell my volunteering experience to employers?

Employers are interested in more than just academic background and paid work experience. The other activities you are involved in at College can show that you have a variety of skills that employers seek. You can include your voluntary work on your CV but make sure that you can highlight what you did and the skills you gained from the experience. See our web pages on writing a CV for more information.

Examples from your voluntary work can also be used to answer questions on application forms or in interviews when you are asked to give examples of when you have worked in a team, had to organise or plan an activity or had to solve a problem. Find out more about how to create effective answers in the section on application forms.

Volunteering Opportunities