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Jim Lovely

Jim, a student from 1971 to 1977, gives the story behind the old Beit photograph.

The photo on the “Our Past” page is interesting. The group is coming out of Beit Quad onto Prince Consort Road probably in the spring of 1972.

I was in the same year!

The people in the photo, from left to right, are Christine Easthope (Botany), Gordon McKay (Zoology), Eira Morgan (Botany), and Dave Thompson (Zoology). If you look very carefully there is a shadow behind Eirah Morgan's head – this is Linda Wilson (Botany) she and Gordon were “an item” from day one.

We started in October 1971 and Dave Thompson failed exams in mid 1972 and was never seen again.

In those days the Botany Department was on the right hand side and Zoology on the left as you entered the quad. The first year lab (in those days all Zoology and Botany students were together for the first year) was on the top of the Botany Department and just as you entered the quad the door to the right was the common room which may be were they are all coming from.

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