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Contributing to better health around the world through the more effective and equitable use of resources.

The Global Health and Development Group joined Imperial College London in September 2016 as a non-profit, fee-for-service unit based within the Centre for Health Policy, Institute of Global Health Innovation.

Led by Dr Kalipso Chalkidou, this team of health economics and global health experts contributes to better health around the world through the more effective and equitable use of resources, and has major projects in China, India, South Africa, Vietnam and Thailand. The team provides both advice and practical support to governments, healthcare payers, clinicians, academics and other local agencies overseas to build capacity for evidence-informed health policy and to design and use methods and processes to apply such capacity to their local country setting.

The team offers:

  • Strategic advice on evidence-based policy-making
  • Technical support on critical appraisal and health technology assessment to inform decisions
  • Input on strengthening existing or designing new decision-making frameworks, with a focus on transparency, stakeholder involvement, public engagement and consultation
  • Support for evaluating the effectiveness of health system innovation

logoThe Global Health and Development Group also leads on the international Decision Support Initiative (iDSI), a global network of academic institutes, government agencies and think-tanks, which supports low and middle income countries to get more health and better value for money for every dollar they spend. Providing access to unrivalled global knowledge, experience and technical support from the UK and regional partners in South East Asia, Africa and China, iDSI is committed to more systematic, fair and evidence informed priority-setting processes, as a means to sustainable Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

 iDSI also undertakes activities that have benefits reaching beyond individual country settings. These include generation of knowledge products (ranging from methodological insights to country case studies), preparation of tools for data collection and analysis, and facilitation of knowledge transfer among decision-makers across countries (such as through international meetings).

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