Music for Listening imageAlmost everyone likes music but is not always sure why, nor how, to enjoy music that he/she has not heard before.

This course will use music from a wide spread of periods and styles to enrich understanding and appreciation of music. You might like Schubert but what about Schönberg; you might adore Mozart but what about Monteverdi, Machaut or Messiaen.

This course will explore how music is constructed and what to listen for, hoping there will something both for beginners and more experiences listeners. Each week a different work will be examined from different points of view. Sometimes a work will be examined to see what it can tell us about the period or circumstances from which is emerged. Invigorating discussion and plenty of recorded musical examples will be part of each session.

If you have any questions about the course content please directly email the tutor, Mr Roderick Swanston.

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