Digital photography imageSmartphones, tablets and social media have revolutionised photography and how we see the world. This course will offer students in-depth knowledge of how to use their iPhone and Android devices and will introduce them to contemporary debates on the impact of smartphone and tablet camera devices.

Through a series of lectures and workshops, the course will offer you the opportunity to gain in-depth experience of camera, photo-editing and social media apps and how they can be used to enhance your photographic technique and communicate to a wide audience.

You will be introduced to the work of leading practitioners in smartphone photography, both professional and amateur, and will analyse the creative photographic and editing technique in their images.

You will also work on assignments that challenge you to experiment with the visual potential of the camera in your pocket.

You will consider the impact of technology and techno-culture on how we communicate in our everyday lives and will be introduced to current debates about the democratisation of photography, selfie culture and creative autobiography.

Students will be expected to purchase and download some camera and photo editing apps for their devices.

You will end the course with an online portfolio of pictures that will form the foundation of your individual photography practice.

If you have any questions about the course content please directly email the tutor, Ms Honey Salvadori.

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