Lunchtime Learning registration via this website started on 1 September 2017.

The course fee is determined by your applicant category and the time of booking.

  • Applicants are classed into three different categories: A, B and C;
  • There are early-bird prices available in September, followed by standard rates which apply from 1 October.

Please click below to access full details for the above.

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Rates | prices & validity

Rate typeCategory ACategory BCategory C
Early bird rate: applies 1-30 September only £98 £128 £165
Standard rate: applies from 1 October £108 £140 £183

Rates | eligibility

Rate CategoryEligibility
 A All current Imperial College members, incl. Imperial NHS
 B Current students elsewhere, and others (see PDF below)
 C All other applicants (working professionals, etc.) who are not category A or B

Lunchtime Learning fees explained [pdf]

Terms & conditions

By proceeding with course registration you acknowledge that you understand that

  • full payment must be made at the time of registration. We are unfortunately unable to accept payment in installments;
  • members of the 'Friends of Imperial College' must hold valid membership for a minimum of 3 months counting from the start of the Autumn term;
  • refunds are not possible once payment has been made and the term has started (NOTE: clashes with your work or study timetable are NOT grounds for a refund);
  • students must be registered for their course prior to attending any sessions

Policy on registration of minors

Unfortunately our classes are not open to anyone under the age of 16 at the time of registration. Those who are 16 or 17 must have our Centre's parental consent form [pdf] signed which follows the College’s policy on minors. The signed form should be emailed or posted to our Centre at the time of registration. Not affected are under-age applicants who wish to join a course alongside their parent or guardian.

Change of course level (language courses only)

Should you find the language course level you have chosen unsuitable for your level of proficiency we will endeavour to register you for a different course, however this is subject to availability and seeking advice from the relevant language coordinator. We strongly encourage all language-course applicants excluding absolute beginners to seek course-level advice from the relevant language coordinator PRIOR to registration. This will ensure you start the programme at the correct level.

Bookings are made on the Imperial College Online Store via the booking link located at the bottom of your desired course's information page.

  • Applicants should access the Online Store.
  • Upon completion of your booking please look for an automated payment receipt in your (spam) email containing a link to a student details form which must be filled in online as it is a mandatory part of the Lunchtime Learning course registration process.

Please click below to access full details for the above.


Registration Step 1 | Booking your place via the Online Store

Instructions for using the Imperial College Online StoreOnline Store screenshot 1

If this is your first time using this please start by creating an account which stores your name, email address and password (no need to do this again for subsequent bookings).

  • Select and buy a place on your desired course;
  • Look out for a payment confirmation receipt in your (spam) email and note the order number shown in it.

Registration Step 2 | Completing the Applicant Details Form

Please carefully check the details recorded in your receipt email and click on the survey link highlighted in the email. The survey forms part of the booking process and is needed to collect certain pieces of information about your application which the Online Store is not able to capture. Only once you have submitted your completed Survey form is your booking complete and can be processed by us.

If you do not hear back from us please assume everything is in order with your booking. You will only be sent an enrolment receipt in October, followed by further instructions including information on the location of your classroom.

Once you have booked your place online and completed your student details form there is nothing further to be done. If there are any issues with your booking we will contact you.

In October you will be sent an enrolment confirmation message, to be followed nearer to the start of term by further details including classroom details and your tutor's email address.