Creative Writing imageThe eclectic nature of contemporary culture has broadened the category writing in a way that has demanded new ways of seeing and widened the scope for experimentation.

In looking at what writing is and what it can become you will draw on set exercises to educate your imagination through a play with words to create polymorphous texts that will culminate in either a poem(s) or a short story. This course aims to show you how to ignite your creativity and connect with the undiscovered possibility of your talent.

Each week you will be guided through the necessary steps to explore your creativity by better understanding the creative process and how to apply it in the construction of a poem or a short story. For instance, in regards to the short story, as well as learning how to critique your writing you will explore the concept of character as relating to the shifting nature of identity in contemporary society. In doing so you will be better prepared to construct your character(s) by exploring the fluid nature of our various subject positions, in a way that accords with the times and enables you to construct the type of characters that are believable and insightful.

With alternate sessions put aside for a critique, the weekly classes will be structured in a way that allows the time to read your work aloud and receive constructive criticism from both your tutor and your peers.

As well as enriching your creative experience through a variety of different approaches, this course will also attend to some of the more formal aspects of constructing a poem and the short story.

Please note however that we cannot cover everything that is necessary during the one-hour session, so be prepared to complete some work outside of class.

Questions regarding the content and teaching of this course should be addressed to the course tutor, Mr Ronnie McGrath, PRIOR to enrolment.

Please check the programme term dates & timetable as well as the fee details & booking instructions before clicking on the booking link.
NB: Web enrolment opens 1 September 2019