Lunchtime Learning timetable
Week dayTimeCourseTeacherClassroom
 Mondays 13.00-13.50 Spanish Conversation [cancelled due to insufficient interest)  Virtu Tomas --
 Tuesdays 12.00-12.50 French Conversation  Andrietta Brenk SAFB 120
  12.00-12.50 Italian Beginners  Adriana Lepori CLCC S309
  13.00-13.50 French Beginners [cancelled due to insufficient interest)  Didier Occhipinti --
  13.00-13.50 Italian Conversation  Adriana Lepori CLCC 316
  13.00-13.50 Music for Listening & Understanding  Roderick Swanston CLCC S309
 Thursdays 12.00-12.50 Spanish Beginners  Javier Pardo Gendre CLCC S309
  12.00-12.50 The Joy of Art  Michael Paraskos CLCC S303 A
  13.00-13.50 Creative Writing  Ronnie McGrath CDT 402 B
  13.00-13.50 Photography: Digital Devices  Honey Salvadori CLCC Lab 2
  13.00-13.50 London: Art, Architecture, Literature & People  Michael Paraskos CLCC S303 A
Programme timetable

 Courses start week commencing 16 October 2017 and run over two terms