Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the Institute of Chemical Biology (ICB). I am hugely encouraged in my role to see the enormous range of innovation coming from this institute and Imperial and the very high quality of the people, both researchers and students.

- Dr Oscar Ces, Director of the Institute of Chemical Biology


ICB Vision and Mission


Our Vision

The ICB’s vision is to develop technologies that will improve life by ultimately being able to

  • fully and accurately quantify life
  • drug the undruggable
  • eradicte hunger
  • recreate the first stages of life
  • make healthcare affordable for everyone
  • reduce disease prevention costs
  • develop new hybrid materials based upon the fusion of living and non-living components that evolve adaptively to changing environments and need

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and develop multidisciplinary research crossing the physical sciences-life sciences/biomedical interface. In particular we focus on the development and application of novel tools and technology for solving major problems in the life and biomedical sciences.

Created more than a decade ago, the ICB has since broadened its scope from a sole focus on addressing the challenges of healthcare to encompass challenges of the personal care and the agriscience sectors.

The Institute is already integrating researchers and capabilities from all areas of the College necessary to tackle these new challenges.