The Department of Chemical Engineering strives to provide a safe, welcoming and equitable place to work and study for all. This is done in a number of ways and in accordance with College guidance.

Support for parents 

We are committed to supporting staff members in accordance with College policy. For example, the Department encourages staff members to take advantage of the generous College leave allowances, and will support you in doing so.

Additionally, we encourage academic staff to apply for the Elsie Widdowson Fellowship award. Elsie Widdowson Fellowships are for academic staff (male or female) returning to work following maternity, adoption and/or shared parental leave and allows the Department to relieve the academic of teaching or administrative duties in order to concentrate fully on research.

To read about support for parents in detail, departmental members should visit the Maternity and paternity support intranet page.

Health and wellbeing

The Department supports the wellbeing of staff in a number of ways. We encourage a healthy work-life balance and have a positive attitude towards flexible working. Flexible working provides employees with a degree of flexibility on how long for, where, and at what time they work.

To read more about flexible working, as well as information on College services and health facilities, departmental members should visit the Health and Wellbeing intranet page.

The College has signed up to the Time to Change pledge, committing to raise awareness of mental health issues and enhance the mental wellbeing of our community. There is advice and support circulated by the College which you can find on the Mental health page.

 The Department of Chemical Engineering has two Mental Health First Aiders, Bhavna Patel and Susi Underwood. 



The College’s Disability Advisory Service is committed to providing tailored and flexible support to students, and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre is able to support or advise staff. The service is open to disabled staff and aims to impart knowledge and techniques to overcome and master barriers in the workplace.

The Departmental Disability Officer (Faith Marsh) supports students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties. Dilshad should be your first point of contact within the Department, and can assist with additional examination arrangements and facilitate your support within the Department.


The College and Department are committed to taking the necessary action to eliminate all forms of discrimination – especially direct and indirect forms of harassment, bullying and victimisation. You can read more about the policy on the 'Support for Staff' pages, where you can also find Harassment Support Contacts.

You may also want to visit the College’s Advice and support pages for information on Confidential Care, which you can call for support and advice.

The Department has participated in Active Bystander training, and aims to hold further sessions so that all staff have the opportunity to participate.  

Events and training

There are a range of training and events run by the College surrounding equality and diversity, and the Department encourages participation in these. You can find these on the Equality training courses pages.

College Networks

There are many staff networks at Imperial, including diversity networks. You can find further information on these below.