Information for new PhD students

General information

How to find the Postgraduate Office

  • we are based in Room 311 of the ACE Extension (building 14 on the campus map)
  • enter the building via the walkway entrance (opposite the newsagents')
  • go up to level 3
  • follow the red arrows on the map below

Level three ACEX Building


Blackboard is the College's 'Virtual Learning Environment', an online portal upon which you can find a great deal of useful information and resources:

You can self-enrol on the RAFT course (a pre-requisite Health and Safety requirement) by following the PhD Student Blackboard Enrolment Instructions

If you don't have access to the Chemical Engineering PhD student resources, please contact Susi Underwood providing your user name. If you need access to any undergraduate course materials, please contact Susi Underwood providing your user name, the course code and name of the course to which you need access. Course codes and information on undergraduate lectures can be found in the document entitled "Attending Chemical Engineering Lectures" under "Essential Links" in the Chemical Engineering PhD student resources.

PhD symposium

The PhD symposium has been established as an annual event, which takes place in late June or early July. The symposium is a great opportunity for PhD students to share their research with the Department and representatives from Industry.

All third-year PhD students are expected to give either an oral or a poster presentation.

Attendance at the talks is compulsory for first-year postgraduate research students.

PhD student-staff committee

The PhD student-staff committee gives the PhD students in the Department a voice and has been very active in organising events for PhD students, including a successful annual barbecue and monthly breakfast events and drink gatehrings.

Start of session events

Chemical Engineering start of session events for new PhD students 2017
Departmental registration for new PhD students
[if that time slot is inconvenient, you may register between 09.00 and 09.30]
ACEX 311
(PG Office)
Welcome by the Head of Department and Director of Postgraduate Studies ACEX 203 (LT2)
Introduction to Postgraduate Welfare by the Postgraduate Tutor ACEX 228 (SCR)
Departmental Safety Induction [COMPULSORY FOR ALL] ACEX 250 (LT1)
05/10/2017 09.30-10.30h Welcome Breakfast for new PhD Students hosted by the PhD Reps ACEX 228
(Chem Eng SCR)
Welcome Reception for new PhD Students hosted by the PG Tutor ACEX 306-312 (Design Rooms)
Introduction to the Chemical Engineering PhD Programme by the Director of Postgraduate Studies RODH 333 (LT3)
Click this link for an iCal calendar of all events for Chemical Engineering PhD students