Imperial offers this programme in partnership with PACT

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The Partnership in Automation and Control Training (PACT) non-accredited was established in 1992 and consists of Partners (end-users, contractors, suppliers and trade associations), Hosts (Imperial College London is currently the only host) and Members (representatives 
of the partners and hosts).

The broad aim of the PACT is to enable companies in the chemicals and process sectors of industry to maintain 
and improve their competitive edge by creating a supply 
of personnel who understand and are able to effectively apply modern automation techniques. The PACT endorses and supports the Process Automation, Instrumentation 
and Control (PAIC) programme at Imperial College London. 

There is a Local Management Committee (LMC) comprised of Members of the PACT and representatives of Imperial. The LMC acts in an advisory capacity to the College, providing an industrial perspective to most aspects of operation of the programme including course structure, module specification, curriculum content, academic standards, quality auditing, management, marketing, etc. The LMC underpins the relevance and usefulness of the PAIC programme to the industry.

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As well as their involvement in the LMC, many of the Members contribute to teaching in the various modules. They also provide access to supporting materials, enable Industrial Projects and encourage personnel within their 
own companies to register for the MSc or modules for 
CPD purposes.


The Pact prize

The Partnership in Automation and Control Training (PACT) prize recognises outstanding achievement and works to meet the sectors needs for Continuing Professional Development. The PACT is grateful to GAMBICA for their generosity in sponsoring this award.