Reps and Contacts

Postdoc Reps

The Postdoc Reps work in partnership with the Postdoc Develop Centre (PDC) to enable communication between the research staff of our department and the PDC on training, fellowship and other issues that affect postdocs at Imperial. The departmental Postdoc Reps also act as representatives to liaise with department staff in meetings and on comittees. Moreover we organise events such a seminars and social meetings aimed at drawing postdocs together for networking and technical exchange.

Alex Brogan

Alex BroganEmail:
Office: B322 Bone Building
Personal Webpage

Peter Yatsyshin

Peter YatsyshinEmail:
Office: C507 Roderic Hill Building

Postdoc Champion

Prof George Jackson is the "Postdoc Champion" for Chemical Engineering. The Postdoc Champions across the Engineering faculty are academics who ensure that postdocs have a voice at departmental and faculty level and that their needs are being properly met.

Administration Manager and Staffing Coordinator

SNEHA saunders

Office: 301 ACE Extension
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7594 2977

Sneha is responsible for the line-management of staff in the academic administration team, and for ensuring an efficient and effective support service for all members of the Department. As co-ordinator for all staffing matters within the Department, Sneha works closely with HR and is also first point of contact for any HR queries from departmental staff. In particular, Sneha is the key contact for postdoctoral research staff in relation to contracts, welfare, probation, visas, appraisals and ongoing advice and support. Sneha also works with the Department’s Postdoc reps and the Postdoc Development Centre to organise events and develop strategies to support research staff.


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Reps Offices

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