The Chemistry Department is committed to providing a fulfilling, productive and happy place in which to learn, teach and carry out research. These goals are included in our Academic Strategy‌ and our Academic Opportunities programme is a central part of this commitment.

Athena swan As a direct result of the programme the Department was awarded a Gold Athena SWAN award for good practice in supporting academic women in September 2013. This award recognises the good practices already in place for supporting women at all stages, including undergraduate, post graduate, post doctoral, and early career academics through to professional level.

PhD student The Academic Opportunities Programme is delivered by a variety of mechanisms including leadership from the Head of Department, Professor Alan Armstrong acting as champion for Supporting Young Academics both within the Department and across the College, the Equality and Diversity Committee, chaired by Professor Sue Gibson, and the Postdoc Development Team, led by Dr Ali Salehi-Reyhani.

The Department of Chemistry also welcomes Fellowship candidates from the UK and overseas.