FacilitiesThe Department is well-equipped with an extensive range of modern chemical instrumentation. In addition to numerous specilaised items of sectional equipment associated with particular projects, there is an wide range of general purpose instruments. These include five FT high -field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers (all with multi-nuclear facilities and sample changers), one operating at 500 and four at 400MHz.

Other major facilities include two single crystal X-ray diffractometers (Mo and Cu source), a range of Mass Spectrometers, laser-Raman and microscopes and spectrometers, FT infrared spectrophotometers, crystal high pressure liquid chromatographs, a scanning tunnelling microscope, picosecond and femtosecond pulsed lasersconfocal fluorescence microscopes, fluorimeters, atomic force microscopes, isothermal calorimeter, high sensitvity differential calorimeter, thermogravimetric analyser, hyper differential scanning calorimeter, and a large number of other specialist instruments.