Ask CRT is the new job logging system for the Chemistry Research Technicians. The system is to be used to log all equipment requests, chemical waste requests and minor works. For further details on these subjects please see below:

Request Types

Equipment Requests

In order to request equipment repair, maintenance, or electrical safety testing, please use the Equipment Repair Request. You will need the equipment's asset tag (blue sticker), or if the equipment is new, you will need to fill in the requisite equipment details. PLEASE NOTE: ALL new equipment must be PAT tested and registered before being used. When prompted, please insert “PAT Test” into the “What sort of problem needs fixing?” field.

Once raised, your ASK CRT request will then be placed onto a waiting list, all work will be carried out in chronological order unless there are exceptional circumstances.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY EQUIPMENT TO THE SERVICE LABORATORY (132A) AT THIS TIME. If neccesary, a member of CRT may visit the equipment in the lab and carry out an assessment to determine what will be the next course of action. If a repair is the best option you will be sent an email requesting the equipment be brought to the service laboratory along with a printable decontamination form. PLEASE NOTE: No equipment will be accepted into the service laboratory without a valid decontamination form.

 Once the technician has finished repairing your equipment you will receive an email confirming this. When requested, please ensure that you pick up your equipment as soon as possible, this will avoid a build-up of completed jobs in the service laboratory.

Chemical Waste Disposal Request

In order to request specialist chemical waste disposal you MUST complete the Chemical Waste Disposal Request form. In order to complete the form you must have the following:

    Waste Number (obtained from Estates Facilities)

    Completed Waste Form

    Waste Pickup Location

Once submitted your request will be approved by Damion Box (Chemical Disposal Specialist) if everything is correct. The waste will then be placed on a list for collection. PLEASE NOTE: The form will be automatically sent to Roger Smith (Hazardous Waste Co-Ordinator, Estate Facilities). You do not need to send the form separately.

FOR SCIQUEST LISTED CHEMICALS: If you are disposing of SciQuest ERM listed chemicals, please remember to dispose of chemicals on SciQuest ERM before getting rid of them. If you wish to dispose of SciQuest ERM listed chemicals using SciQuest, please contact Damion for more information. This is particularly useful when disposing of large amounts of chemicals.

Minor Works

To request any other kind of research-related small jobs that aren't covered by Estate Facilities, such as putting up heat-gun holders, acid cabinet hinge replacement, putting up cylinder straps etc, please use the minor works request form.