Groundwater Flow and Quality Modelling

Module aims

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to the theory and application of computational techniques based on the finite difference method for groundwater flow and transport modelling.

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this course unit, students will be able to: 

  • To understand the methods and limitations that underlie numerical models.
  • To be able to develop and implement numerical solutions using mathematical programming and apply these to solving groundwater problems.

Module syllabus




18 Jan

Groundwater resource evaluation

Dr Adrian Butler

25 Jan

Finite Difference – Steady State 1*

Arash Hamzehloo

01 Feb

Finite Difference – Steady State 2*

Arash Hamzehloo

08 Feb

Finite Difference – Transient 1*

Arash Hamzehloo

15 Feb

Finite Difference – Transient 2*

Arash Hamzehloo

22 Feb

Finite Difference – ADE1*

Arash Hamzehloo

01 Mar


08 Mar

Finite Difference – ADE2*  

Arash Hamzehloo

05 Mar

Building groundwater models

Arash Hamzehloo

Note: Please ensure that you bring your laptop to all practical sessions (denoted by *)


Please note: This module cannot be taken with Business Management

Teaching methods

18 hours of lectures and (MATLAB based) tutorials over 9 sessions.


Assessment of the module is by coursework only.

Reading list


Module leaders

Dr Ana Mijic