Overview of the Fluids Cluster

Overview of the Fluid Mechanics Research group

Research interests cover fundamental; fluid mechanics, offshore and coastal engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulic structures, building ventilation and two-phase flows, particularly those relating to sediment transport. 

Who works in the Fluid Mechanics section

Fluid Mechanics Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

 Jose Alsina

Jose Alsina

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Sediment transport and morphodynamics, surf and swash zones dynamics, beach protection, field and laboratory morphodynamic experimentation, including scale laws and scaling effects in laboratory experimentation.
 Henry Burridge

Henry Burridge

Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Transport of heat and mass by convection; Convection in the built environment; Effective ventilation of buildings; Modification of natural materials for use in buildings.
 Adrian Callaghan

Adrian Callaghan

Lecturer, PhD
Breaking waves; Surface water waves; Two-phase flows; Air-entrainment; Upper ocean turbulence
 Marios Christou

Marios Christou

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics and Mathematics, PhD, DIC, MEng, ACGI
Metocean, Offshore and Coastal Engineering; Wave statistics; Freak/rogue waves; Analysis of Field Measurements; Wave-structure interaction; Wave-vessel interaction; Infragravity waves; Side-by-side and tandem offloading; Boundary Element Modelling.
 John Craske

John Craske 

Research Fellow / Lecturer, PhD
Building physics; Buoyancy-driven turbulence; Jets and plumes; Numerical analysis; Inverse problems; Adjoint methods; Flow optimisation; Data assimilation.
 Francesc Fàbregas Flavià

Francesc Fàbregas Flavià

Lecturer in Energy Systems, PhD
Marine renewables; Hydrodynamics; Fluid-structure interaction; Multiple-scattering techniques.
 Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes

Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Buoyancy-driven flows; Stratified turbulence and mixing; Convection; Turbulent plumes and jets; Flow energetics. 
Chris Swan 

Chris Swan

Professor of Hydrodynamics, PhD, CEng, MIMarEST
Surface water waves; Extreme ocean waves; Wave kinematics; Wave statistics; Wave-structure and wave-vessel interactions; Wave loading; Impact loading; Experimental and numerical modeling. 
 van Reeuwijk

Maarten van Reeuwijk 

Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics, BSc MSc PhD
Buoyancy driven flows; Atmospheric and oceanic turbulence; Sustainable cities; Flow and dispersion in urban canopies; Heat and mass transfer; Direct Numerical Simulation; Large-eddy simulation.
Fluid Mechanics Academics A-Z
Fluid Mechanics

Administration contacts

 Marios Christou Course Director
Dr Marios Christou
+44 (0)20 7594 6043
 Rebecca Naessens Cluster Administrator
Miss Rebecca Naessens
+44 (0)207 594 5990
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