To complete the MSc, all students must undertake modules T-01 to T-06 in the Autumn Term and three further modules, from those running, in the Spring Term. Students undertaking the MSc with Business Management or Sustainable Development take four transport modules in autumn and two transport modules in the Spring Term. 

Furthermore, four designated pathways are offered to students in the selection of their spring term option units. In addition, students are allowed, if they wish, to select their own pathways freely.

Not all modules run in each year. 

Transport MSc Syllabus

Spring Term - Designated Pathways

Note: pathways are contingent on the relevant modules running. Minimum registration for each module is normally 12 students. 

Modelling and Analysis 
CI9-T-11, CI9-T-14
Optional: At least one of
CI9-T-09, CI9-T-17

Transport Policy and Planning
CI9-T-09, CI9-T-11, CI9-T-29

Institute of Civil Engineers Membership
At least three of
CI9-T-07, CI9-T-08, CI9-T-09, CI9-T-29, CI9-T-11 

Freight Operations
CI9-T-20, CI9-T-24, CI9-T-11
Optional: One of
CI9-T-28, CI9-T-29

Summer Term

This term you will complete your individual dissertation.

Modules which cannot be taken with Business Management

CI9-T-03 Transport Engineering and Operations; CI9-T-06 Transport Policy (both offered in the autumn term).

CI9-T-08 Road Traffic Theory and its Application; CI9-T-17 Intelligent Transport Systems (both offered in the spring term).

Module incompatibilities

The following modules cannot be taken in combination.

CI9-T-07 Highway Engineering; CI9-T-14 Advanced Transport Modelling

Add-on modules in Business Management

Each of these options comprise 120 hours of study and are taken as an alternative to the modules listed above.

Syllabus for Business Management

These options also have some entry requirements, to find out more see the Business Management page.