To mark the end of the four year MEng programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and for many, the end of university life, a two-day Student Conference is held each year at the end of June.

It provides an opportunity for this year’s graduates to present the results of their research, carried out in the final year over a period of four months, to an audience of academic staff, industry, postgraduate researchers, and fellow undergraduates, in the form of a poster and an oral presentation.  The Conference offers an excellent way to showcase the skills of our final year students as well as the diversity of research undertaken within the departmental Sections of Environmental and Water Resource Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnics, Structures and Transport, and a copy of the Conference Schedule for each Section is listed below.

The event closed with an Awards ceremony at which the best student oral presentations, by Section, were recognised.  This year’s winners (2019) were:

2019 Student Conference Prize Winners
 EWRE Award: Justin Ng 
Development of a data-driven urban flood forecasting model using machine learning techniques Supervised by: Dr Christian Onof
Fluid Mechanics  Award: Chong (Steven) Huo
The prediction of local wave-in-deck loads   
Supervised by: Professor Chris Swan
Geotechnics Award: Xinjin Ho
Assessment of serviceability and stability of sloped excavations in stiff clay
Supervised by: Professor Lidija Zdravkovic
Structures Award: Adam Plavsic
Numerical simulation of the nonlinear response of masonry vaults subjected to earthquake loading
Supervised by: Dr Lorenzo Macorini
 Transport Award: Lewis Robinson
Investigating and comparing the behaviour of visually impaired participants in unidirectional and opposing crowd flows
Supervised by: Dr Arnab Majumdar & Jean Marc Feghali
2019 Student Conference Prize Winners
2018 Student Conference: Poster Prize Winners

2019 Student Conference Schedule

Environmental Engineering (EWRE)

Poster no# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
E01 - Zikun (Emma) Wei Testing multiple modelling hypotheses for indigenous infiltration infrastructure in the Peruvian central Andes Buytaert, W.
E02 - Marcus Rodin Novel low-carbon materials produced from sustainable kelp mixtures Cheeseman, C.R.
E03 - Yuan Xie Effects of magnesium silicate hydrate (M-S-H) addition on magnesium oxysulfate cement Cheeseman, C.R.
E04 - Yuanxiang  Zhao New sustainable biomaterials for cryogenic thermal insulation Cheeseman, C.R.; Dieckmann, E.
E05 - Richard Onsiong Properties of novel feather fabric thermal insulation Cheeseman, C.R.; Dieckmann, E.
E06 - Benling Zheng Steps towards the recovery of copper from mobile phone derived printed circuit boards using ionic liquids Grimes, S.M.
E07 - Jiangyu Fu Critical review of potential routes to gold recovery from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)  Grimes, S.M.
E08 - Danial Bin Jamaludin An investigation into the use of ionic liquids to recover critical metals from mobile phone loudspeakers Grimes, S.M.
E09 - Justin Ng Development of a data-driven urban flood forecasting model using machine learning techniques Onof, C.
E10 - Ching Sik An analysis of the urban heat island at the global scale Paschalis, A.
E11 - Sok Hian Tan Electro-dewatering as an alternative technology for dewatering sewage sludge and digestate Smith, S.R.
E12 - Natalie Shaw Factors driving the chemical industry to produce brominated flame retardants and how this is affected by the environmental impact Smith, S.R.
E13 - Tianyi (Rachel) Zou Nutrient recovery technologies for bio-waste digestate Smith, S.R.
E14 - Juehua Xiang The Impact of price on consumption and waste of food and clothing Smith, S.R.
E15 - Emma Bewley Influencing water contact behaviours to prevent schistosomiasis in Africa Templeton, M.R.; Sule, M.
E16 - Shiyong (Ottilie) Liu Water treatment processes to prevent schistosomiasis in Africa Templeton, M.R.; Braun, L.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)

Fluid Mechanics

Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
F01 - Ryan Lucas Local and global properties of breaking waves in laboratory simulated random sea states Callaghan, A. 
F02 - Yvonne Enescu A comparison of breaking and non-breaking wave statistics in the Adriatic Sea using stereo-vision imagery Callaghan, A. 
F03 - Harriet Haley Hydrodynamics and wave-structure interactions in the coastal zone Christou, M.Karmpadakis, I.
F04 - Hippolyte Mounier-Vehier Experimental verification of the robustness of emptying filling boxes to sudden changes in the wind Craske, J.Hughes, GO.
F05 - Joan Rossello Bover The multiple steady states and robustness of building ventilation networks Craske, J.
F06 - Alexander Bradshaw An experimental investigation of the hydrodynamic interactions among the members of a semisubmersible platform for floating wind turbines  Fabregas Flavia, F.
F07 - Chong Huo The prediction of local wave-in-deck loads Swan, C.; Ma, L.
F08 - Christopher Wood The motion of micro-plastics in bar/ rip channel systems van Reeuwijk, M.
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics


Poster No# & StudentTitleSupervisor
G01 - Joshua Loughrie Vulnerability of pipelines subjected to liquefaction-induced settlements Kontoe, S.
G02 - Marion Artigaut Simulation of seepage in sand using coupled CFD-DEM O'Sullivan, C. 
G03 - Zhu Yi Ho Simulating filtration processes using a network model O'Sullivan, C. ; Sufian, A.
G04 - Robert O'Regan Investigating the sources of potential discrepancies in water content measurements Standing, J.R.
G05 - Andreas Siagris Effects of salt water on the compressibility, stiffness and strength of clays Standing, J.R.
G06 - Martin Head A numerical investigation into the thermal performance of thermo-active structures and the implications on their design Taborda, D.
G07 - Helen Xia Numerical analysis of shafts in London clay Taborda, D.
G08 - Jia Sheng Lee Assessment of modelling procedures for climate change-induced rainfall events Zdravkovic, L.
G09 - Xinjin Ho Assessment of serviceability and stability of sloped excavations in stiff clay Zdravkovic, L.
G10 - Linda Wu Effect of interface conditions on the lateral capacity of offshore wind turbine monopiles Zdravkovic, L.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)


Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
S01 - Quihong Dong An exploration of new technologies in steel construction Gardner, L.
S02 - Qianwen Han Analysis of wire + arc additive manufactured (WAAM) square hollow tubular structures Gardner, L.
S03 - Angeline Tan Testing and analysis of 3D-printed steel circular hollow sections Gardner, L.
S04 - Sherif Karam Flexural design of high-strength steel and hybrid structures Gardner, L.
S05 - Alicia Law Structural performance of high strength steel welded I-sections Gardner, L.
S06 - Chong Harn Soh Experimental study of hot-finished high strength steel SHS members under compression and combined loading Gardner, L.
S13 - Radu Bidiga Static structural behaviour of skew half-through railway bridges Ruiz-Teran, A.  
S12 - Hope Goodban Modal analysis and vibration monitoring of footbridges using smartphones Ruiz-Teran, A.Stafford, P.J.
S18 - Ching Yi Leong Development of design equation for tension lap in reinforced concrete Vollum, R.L.Stafford, P.J.
S17 - Kah Seng Lee Strut and tie modelling of reinforced concrete deep beams Vollum, R.L.
S07 - Asen Filkov Numerical investigation of masonry arch bridges under earthquake loading Macorini, L.
S08 - Adam Plavsic Numerical simulation of the nonlinear response of masonry vaults subjected to earthquake loading Macorini, L.
S09 - Elena Sakka Behaviour of microstructures inspired by trabecular bone Phillips, A.T.M
S10 - Abdelkawy Abdou Structural topology optimisation with constructability Phillips, A.T.M
S11 - Nasma Dasser Predicting lower limb joint kinematics using long short-term memory (LSTM) recurrent neural networks Phillips, A.T.MModenese, L.
S14 - Wei Jun Wong Buckling strain limits in thick cold formed circular hollow sections under cyclic loading Sadowski, A.Malaga-Chuquitaype, C
S15 - Sai Chung Simon Li Buckling strain limits in thick cold formed circular hollow sections under cyclic loading Sadowski, A.Malaga-Chuquitaype, C
S19 - Guang (Anson) Yang Structural mechanics of repeating cellular structures Wadee, A.Phillips, A.T.M
S20 - Harry Slack Characterizing the mechanical behaviour of additively manufactured metals  Wadee, A.Gardner, L.
S21 - Andy Kiew Chuan Lau Determining the water-cement ratio of hardened cement paste Wong, H.S.
S22 - Yi Xuan Yeow Effect of shrinkage induced microcracks on the durability of concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials Wong, H.S.
S23 - Tsin Hoong Choo Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on microstructure and transport properties of spacer-concrete interface Wong, H.S. 
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)


Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
T01 - Carl Khalife Designing eVTOL air-taxi networks for cities Angeloudis, P.
T02 - Alejandra Otero Design of hospital delivery networks using unmanned aerial vehicles Angeloudis, P.
T03 - Paloma Rebuelto Merino Optimal design of dynamic charging infrastructure for electric buses operating in a multiple-route network Angeloudis, P.
T04 - Xing (Sam) Huang  Fast indoor localisation algorithms using computer vision Angeloudis, P.
T05 - Olivia Revans A heuristic for the automatic route optimisation of electric vessels in coastal waters  Angeloudis, P.
T06 - Rui Jian Tee Study the impact of autonomous vehicle adoption on urban transportation Graham, D.J.
T07 - Daniel Regueiro Sánchez Airport ground movement simulation using cellular automata: Beijing case study Han, K.
T08 - Ka Ming Matthew Lee Calibrating mobile sensing data of urban air quality Han, K.
T09 - Albert Celma Ortega Transportation cost forecasting using machine learning : A profitability control case study for Tech Data Europe Han, K.Onof, C.
T10 - Linfeng Li Time series analysis of regional transport of air pollutants - Beijing case study Han, K.
T11 - Sher Lynn Wong Spatial and temporal prediction of urban air quality using big data Han, K.
T12 - Iulia Manole Analysis of factors underlying safety in the ports of the United Kingdom Majumdar, A.; Rogers
T13 - Hamzeh Arabyiat Analysis of pilot safety and general aviation culture in Canada  Majumdar, A.; Psyllou, E.
T14 - Lewis Robinson Investigating and comparing the behaviour of visually impaired participants in unidirectional and opposing crowd flows Majumdar, A.; Feghali, JM.
T15 - Jonathan Green Modelling the performance of evacuation procedures from a fire in university buildings in London Majumdar, A.; Shipman, A.; Bateman, G.
T16 - Robin Hendrickx Analysis of GNSS signals in urban environments for positioning of autonomous vehicles Ochieng, W. 
T17 - Alice Jackson Modelling mode choice in developing countries Sivakumar, A.; 
T18 - Lisa Hey Correlation between the Cycle Superhighways scheme and cycling commuting trends in London Sivakumar, A.; 
T19 - Wai Ho Law Development of pothole detection algorithm using smartphone sensors and machine learning Stettler, M.
T20 - Sebastien Pujalte Environmental impact analysis of cargo bundling services by digital freight forwarders with machine learning solutions Stettler, M.
T22 - Ugochukwu Amadi Machine learning for financial model approximation and portfolio optimisation in upstream oil & gas Popo-Ola, SO.
T23 - Qi Maggie Mai Using a systems engineering maturity measurement tool on high rise and complex building projects Whyte, J.