Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module you will be able to: Analyse the importance and variability of geomaterials and their impact on civil engineering design. Characterise and classify sands and clays from a geotechnical engineering perspective. Define relevant state variables for different types of soils and estimate their potential impact on the expected behaviour of soils in various geotechnical applications (including but not limited to analyses related to the one-dimensional flow of water through a geomaterial). Explain basic design considerations for foundations and retaining walls. Identify primary rocks, their basic engineering properties, uses and hazards. Use geological maps to identify materials, hazards and the geometry of the subsurface. Draw properly scaled, proportioned and annotated site sketches. Assess major geological and geotechnical hazards and their potential impacts on the engineered environment.


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Module leaders

Dr Joao Antonio Harb Carraro