Steel Structures and Design

Module aims

This course aims to: Teach both the fundamentals of design of elements of structural steelwork and the conceptual design of a range of structural framing systems. This is achieved through issues related to structural form and behaviour, analysis, practical considerations in steel fabrication and codification using EC3.Integrate some of the structural analysis studied in previous years such that it can be used to provide approximate and quick design methods for guidance on initial sizing.

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this course unit, students will be able to: Develop framing schemes for both low and high rise steel structures. Design braced frame systems using simple connection details. Design composite beam sections and apply this knowledge to design a composite floor. Produce design calculations and accompanying technical drawings to a professional standard. Carry out simple structural design computations for beam and column framed systems. Appreciate the effects of modelling assumptions on the behaviour of frame systems. Determine the response of frames using simple techniques for design purposes. Understand the background to some of the key checks required for frames in EC3. Carry out the effective design of frame structures to EC3.


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Reading list

Module leaders

Dr Margaret Szabo