A centre for climate change innovation

The centre will radically increase the speed with which practical solutions to tackle the climate crisis are created and implemented, in the UK and internationally.

A new centre for climate change innovation is an initiative of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and the Royal Institution to catalyse innovation of all forms that address the causes and effects of climate change. It is backed by six founding members, Arup, the Mayor of London, HSBC UK, Centre for Net ZeroPollination and Slaughter and May.

The centre will bring businesses, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics and the public together around climate change innovation, creating a focus for London based innovators to implement global change through pioneering, practical solutions. It will provide an essential opportunity to harness the ingenuity, energy and support of people who are committed to tackling climate change and transforming the global economy.


The science of climate change is beyond dispute, its effects are unjust, and the public is demanding action. We are at a fork in the road. We must decide if economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be green and sustainable, or business as usual.

We know what needs to be done but nowhere in the world is meeting carbon reduction targets, or building mitigation for existing environmental damage, quickly enough. What is needed are practical innovations that can make a real difference, urgently and at a scale never achieved before.

The ecosystem will engage Londoners across the region, seeking to stimulate cleantech innovation, and a commitment to the greatest positive impact on skills development, jobs and prosperity. Furthermore, the centre will accelerate that step-change and place the UK at the centre of international efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

London: a world leader in innovation

London skyline

Global cities such as London have the means and therefore the responsibility to help shape a low-carbon and climate-resilient future for the world. London is already a leader in the clean technology innovation needed to address climate change and there is significant scope to accelerate growth.

Individuals from broad communities will participate in, and shape, the centre’s core activities, reflecting its commitment to equitable engagement, education, support and implementation of innovative ideas.

Located at the Ri in central London, the clean technology community will be next to investors, knowledge, opportunity, and influence, in a part of London that international guests will happily come to.

  • Surrounded by London’s Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Groups.
  • Close to the capital’s social centre for climate change investors at the Conduit Club.
  • Close to the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and many other learned societies that have led public engagement and policy interventions.
  • Close to Whitehall and easily reached by public transport.

Our call to action

The centre is actively inviting:

  • People who see themselves as partners in creating this community to step forward to join us, either as organisational or individual members
  • Proposals from funders seeking to grow their environmentally sustainable investment portfolio
  • Applications from early-stage start-ups for The Greenhouse accelerator and other proposals from scientists, inventors and innovators with new ideas ripe for support and investment
  • Support from the public which is so crucial to the success of new technologies.